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7th Grade ELA Fredrick Douglas


Dear 7th Grade Parents,


The third quarter Language Arts unit for seventh graders centers on the enduring power of the narrative in literature and society. Students will learn about this topic by reading the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas: An American Slave, studying the topic of slavery, and reviewing other related fiction and non-fiction texts for context and enrichment. While some middle schools in the county read only excerpts from Fredrick Douglas’ autobiography, the seventh grade English Language Arts teachers at Daniels M.S. believe it would be beneficial for our students to read the autobiography in its entirety.


As one might expect from the subject matter, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas: An American Slave contains scenes of graphic violence, some inappropriate language, and racial slurs. These elements of the text will not be the subject of direct lessons in class or of homework; however, students will have access to passages that contain this content. Please know that great care has been taken (and will be taken) to provide students with the context of harsh language and to emphasize for students that use of racially charged language and slurs is unacceptable.


We are partners in your child’s education and value clear, two-way communication.  We encourage you to maintain an open dialogue with your child and with the school throughout this module so that we may address any potential questions or concerns that may arise. Please do not hesitate to contact me with the questions or concerns. Let me know if you prefer for your student to study only excerpts from the novel rather than the book in its entirety. 


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