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STAR Math Family Reports


STAR Math Family Reports


STAR Math Family Reports will be sent home with all students on November 1st.  If you do not receive a report by the end of the week from your student, please contact your child's math teacher. 


Please use the included QR code on the report to learn more about the scores. Grade Equivalency is NOT reported in these reports and is not available. 


STAR math will be given 2 more times this school year - February 1st and May 2nd. 


WCPSS - What is STAR Math? 

School Level: Elementary/Middle

Subject/Type: Screening for Math

Required or Optional: Required by district

Who takes it?: Students in Grades 3-8

What is it and why is it important?: STAR is a math assessment that teachers use to measure student learning. The scores help teachers to understand what students already know and what they are ready to learn next, to monitor student growth, and to determine which students may need additional help. STAR math assessments are heavily researched and scientifically proven to help teachers guide each student on their unique path to mastery.

How are results used?: Results are used to inform math instruction and to monitor student progress over time. Results may also be shared in conferences with parents with other math assessment data.