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EOG Information Spring 2021


MPMS EOG Information - Spring 2021


Grade 6 Reading EOG has been moved to Friday June 4th.  


EOG Testing Schedule

Plan A students are expected to attend school every day during the testing week, including the make-up days.  

Students will follow a normal schedule on days scheduled for make-up testing. 


Virtual Academy Parents  

We are looking forward to hosting your Virtual Academy students on campus for our end-of-year assessments.  The links below describe specific procedures for each grade level, including dates and approximate times for dismissal, carpool pickup, and bus service.  

6th Grade Testing Schedule and Dismissal Details for VA Students 

7th Grade Testing Schedule and Dismissal Details for VA Students 

8th Grade Testing Schedule and Dismissal Details for VA Students 


Plan A Parents

We will unfortunately not be able to accommodate early check-outs for Plan A students until after 1:15 PM when we have completed VA dismissal and pickup. The assumption is that Plan A students will remain on campus for the entire school day. Plan A students who are typically picked up in the afternoon via carpool should continue to use their assigned yellow carpool tag. 



It is very important that you bring your calculator to school on your testing day.  Please speak with your math teacher if a calculator is an issue. ALL calculators will be cleared before testing.  If you have information on your calculator that you do not want to lose, please backup your calculator before testing. 


Health and Safety Measures

All students are required to wear a mask the entire time they are on campus.  Students should bring their own water bottle.  Cups will be available for students if necessary.  All WCPSS Health and Safety Guidelines will be followed at MPMS. 


Daily Schedules on Testing Days

Daily Class Schedules will be posted on the main webpage each day. 


Make-up Exams

Make-up exams are only scheduled after the initial testing is over. 

Virtual Academy Parents - Please do not bring your student to school for a make-up exam unless you have sent an email in return, received an exact date and time for the exam. 


Virtual Academy Students Returning to Campus

Students are expected to test. Students are required to be on campus to take the EOGs.  There are no options for remote online testing. If a student does not take the EOGs, they will be considered absent from testing.  An absent from testing mark will not keep a student from being promoted to the next grade, moving on to NC Math 1 (if applicable), affect any current AIG status, grades, or course selections.


If your student does take an EOC Math 1 high school exam, they are also expected to test. Please review the EOC Grading Document to help inform your decision.


EOG Testing Questions

Specific questions about EOG and EOC testing can be sent to our MPMS Testing Coordinator, Heather Milligan, at  Please direct all other questions to the main office.