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New Early Release Procedure

September 2018



We are asking for your help this year to help our teachers get the most out of their time with students.   

In the past, when a student was dismissed early, Mrs. McKnight would call into the classroom and ask for the student to come to the office.  Our teachers would scramble to give the student any work they may miss, assignments, etc. You would wait several minutes for your student to come down to the office so they could leave.  We are asking for your help to make these dismissals run more smoothly for everyone.


We will now utilize an Early Release Pass.  Parents will need to send in a note or print and sign THIS FORM, stating the time your child will need to be dismissed from class.  Your child will bring this note to the front office first thing in the morning BEFORE going to homeroom, and Mrs. McKnight will give your child an gold Early Release Pass.  Your child will show this pass to his/her teacher at the beginning of the class during which they will be leaving.  This gives our teachers time to prepare any notes or work for your child. Then, at the time of release, your child will show the pass to his/her teacher and be excused to locker and the front office.   Early release form is available in the "News From the Front Office" section on the main page of the MPMS website. 


We will still call into rooms if a note/form is not provided, but your cooperation with this new process will greatly reduce interruptions during instruction.  


Parents - You are still expected to come into the main office to sign out your student.


 Example of pass student will receive from the office:

Early Release Pass