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Register for the Science Fair by Nov. 30




The Science Fair is a PTA-sponsored event in which students at all grade levels complete a science project at home and create a project display board to exhibit at the fair.

State Fair Requirements
The regional and state fair will be hosted in person, and all students must bring a tri-fold poster board presentation. Presentation requirements are different this year to accommodate the in-person experience. Specifically, (1) project presentations are still required for registration. Details and templates are included on the NCSEF website.


Who can attend the fair?
On the day of the fair, classes will tour the fair during the school day. In the evening, all West Lake Elementary families and friends are invited to attend the fair (even if your child did not participate). Students can learn a lot about science (and be inspired!) by touring the Science Fair.


Are group projects allowed in the Science Fair?
Yes.  Partners are allowed.  Please ensure both names are on the back of the project.


How much help should I give my child?
Parents should have their children do as much work as their children are capable of. The role of the parent should be primarily one of guidance. Help your children choose projects that they can complete themselves.


How are teachers involved with the Science Fair?
Your child’s teacher will encourage all students to participate in the fair. However, the projects are to be completed at home under the guidance of a parent/guardian. Teachers also have the opportunity to participate in the Science Showcase.


What is my role as parent/guardian?

Your role is to:

  • Help your child choose a project appropriate for his/her level and the resources available.
  • Help your child understand the project requirements.
  • Purchase supplies for your child.
  • Assist and supervise your child with difficult or dangerous parts of the project - like a stove.
  • Serve as a guide to help your child do his/her work on the project.


Important Dates and Deadlines

Science Fair Guidelines