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Robotics Academy

You have gotten a little crazy and possibly even into Robotics. Are ready to stair-step your way to the top? If so, this is the first class for you to consider. Now you can collaborate with your teammates to prepare an Infrared Wireless robot for a variety of activity-based challenges. Students will explore the use of motors, gears, pulleys and IR technology while building Lego Robot inventions. Each build will be followed by a thrilling challenge that illustrates the need for “simplicity” and the pitfalls of “complexity”. 

How about some iEV3 Mindstorms Programming where you can automate the Robot's function using a program? We have it all in this class from team building, critical thinking, problem solving, confidence building to Basic and Advanced Robotics and Programming. 

Students will be divided into multiple groups and teams based on the grade level and prior skill level.