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Schoolwide Literacy Night

Thank you to all of the Alston Ridge families who attended our 1st Annual Literacy Night! The following are links to presentations from Literacy Night by grade-level. We look forward to seeing everyone at our Math Night in the spring.


Kindergarten Presentation

Grade 1 Presentation

Grade 2 Presentation


Grade 3 Presentation

Grade 4 Presentation

Grade 5 Presentation


This evening is for all tracks (including tracked out Track 4) and we invite you and your Alston Ridge student (and any siblings) to attend and receive grade level information!

Parents who RSVP will receive a packet with their child’s data and grade level teachers will discuss the meaning of that data and ways you can support your child at home with grade-specific literacy strategies, skills, and standards. While you are in class, your child will be engaging in literacy-based activities, games, and/or hearing from a visiting author!

  1. We look forward to engaging parents and your ARES student(s).  If you need childcare for younger siblings ages 2-5, RSVP by October 5th (see link below) we will have volunteers available in our Gym from 6:00-7:30.
  2. For all families who RSVP by October 5th your name will be entered into a drawing for a K-2 or 3-5 book basket! Data packets will only be created for families who RSVP.  Parents who do not RSVP may still attend but will not have data for their child in the parent classroom.
  3. Additional information will be on our website, sent by your child’s teacher, and updated in their newsletter.  For now, please complete this google form and save the date: Tuesday October 16th!

We are working on food trucks so that you can eat before you learn!  Times would be 5:00-6:00 with the café open to eat.  We will not be able to bring food to the room, so clean plates by 6pm. :)