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Still No.1 in Nation in Board Certified Teachers

Ninety WCPSS teachers recently earned what is widely considered the “gold standard” in teaching – certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

This brings the total number of teachers achieving this status while working in WCPSS to 2,455 – the largest number of certified teachers for any school district nationwide. This is the ninth consecutive year WCPSS has held this distinction.


“Achieving national certification is no easy task; it’s a true indicator of a teacher’s profound commitment to the very best for his or her students,” said Superintendent Jim Merrill. “We are quite proud of these dedicated professionals.” List of 2014 National Board Certified Teachers List of 2014 NBCT Renewals   For more information, visit

Seeking National Board Certification demands significant time and effort from a teacher. The one- to three-year process requires teachers to take on leadership roles, collaborate with peers and analyze their teaching practices and their impact on student learning. The National Board program is built upon the belief that higher standards for teachers means better learning for students.

Once a candidate becomes a National Board Certified Teacher, he or she is eligible for a 12 percent pay increase from the state.

Certifications must be renewed every 10 years. Another group of 106 teachers from WCPSS earned their 10-year renewals last month.

Newly certified teachers, along with those receiving renewals this year, will be honored at a celebration to be held on Feb. 4, 2015.

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