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What’s Up Wakefield


Dear Wolfpack,

It was so great meeting all of the families this week at schedule pick-up and wolf camp.  I loved the energy and smiles all the way around.   I am so excited for tomorrow morning I just can’t wait.  I hope that everyone goes to bed early ready for an awesome year!  Please make sure you are at your bus stops early and check the Here Comes the Bus App to know where your child’s bus is both for arrival and dismissal.  I know that it will be a slow process getting folks in so please be patient and we will make all the magic of education happen.

If you are a car rider please make sure you are entering through the tennis court access at the high school and looping around the staff parking lot.  Everyone will need to follow the traffic flow and with it being the first week we will have a lot of cars lined up ready to go.  We need your help in making sure your student is ready to exit the car when they pull up to the loop with their belongings for the day.  For the first week of school I will try to start unloading cars around 7:50 but after the first week no student may be dropped off prior to 8:00 am.  I do not have supervision here and students can’t be left at school without an adult.  

Once you arrive on campus, if you are not eating breakfast, 6th and 7th graders will go to the gym to wait for their teachers to pick them up.  Please stand under your team name in those areas.  The 8th graders will go to the auditorium to sit by team in there and wait for their teachers to come pick them up.  If you choose to eat breakfast please report to your area as soon as you are finished eating.  

At dismissal we will dismiss walkers at 3:15 and car riders at 3:20 just to allow students to get off campus before cars begin moving.  The afternoon all car riders will need to go through the loop just like the morning coming in by the tennis courts and following the pattern.  


Please remember as you are figuring out what you want to wear on the first day to review the student dress code. Please remember that hats, hoodies, pajamas, short shorts are not allowed and undergarments and midriffs must be covered.  Dressing for success starts day one!  


All students will be given a locker to use each day, and it is a great place to store your book bags, extra pens or pencils, maybe a jacket in case you get cold, and of course we will put our cell phones in there as well.  


For our 6th grade families - I have included the link to the presentation from our Wolf Camp in case you want to refer back to any of the information.  It was great to meet so many of you.  


It is going to be an amazing year at Wakefield and I hope that you join clubs, play sports, get involved with the fine arts, and try out all of the things Wakefield has to offer.  Speaking of getting involved, remember at 3:30 on Wednesday there is a student meeting till 4:15 for those interested in fall sports.  I can’t wait to see you in the morning at 8am.