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November 18, 2022

Good afternoon, this is Steve Mares, Principal of Athens Drive Magnet High School, with a message for Friday, November 18th. A copy of this message will be posted on our school website (, emailed to our students, and emailed and texted to our school families.




TODAY’S CODE RED LOCKDOWN: My heart hurts so much to have to share with you all earlier today, and then now, that we had to go into a Code Red Lockdown today for the safety of our students, staff, and visitors. While I am thankful that all our students are safe, it upsets me greatly that our students, staff, and visitors on campus had to be subjected to this event. I know in today’s world hearing that your student’s school is in a Code Red can cause so much anxiety. Please know that I get that. However, I want you to know that our staff responded in an outstanding manner to support the safe transition from B Lunch and Third Period to a Code Red lockdown. While the threat was not on campus, it was close to campus, and we had staff positioned around the school to immediately respond to the threat. Please know that our first and most pressing priority is ALWAYS the safety and well-being of our students! Please know that our responses to situations like this are centered on the care, protection, and safety of our students. Our students did a tremendous job of taking the Code Red seriously and doing what needed to be done to ensure their safety and well-being, and the safety and well-being of everyone on campus. Please know that we had a staff meeting this afternoon with Raleigh Police and Wake County Public School System Security to debrief and we will be meeting next week as well to review our response to continue to improve how we support our students in emergency situations. I cannot thank the response that Raleigh Police and WCPSS Security provided our school! Please know that I use the word “family” a lot when talking about our Athens community. I do not use that word lightly. I believe the word family accurately describes the love, care, concern, support, and trust that all of us are committed to. We have a wonderful, supportive family who truly cares about each other and comes together to make this all work, even in challenging times. As I mention in my Thanksgiving Message in the next paragraph, please know that “your” children are “our” children. Thank you for your support and thank you for the trust and privilege you give us to safely teach your students. Please know that we will always remain vigilant to make every day a safe, great day of teaching and learning!


THANKSGIVING MESSAGE: On behalf of the entire staff at Athens Drive Magnet High School, I would like to wish everybody a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! As the youngest of 10 children, and the father of 5 children, Thanksgiving was (and still is!) my favorite holiday! I was always excited to once again be able to see my older brothers and sisters, their families, and friends and have us all gather as a family and focus on the truly important things in our lives—family, food, fellowship, friendship, and football (in my house!). I hope you get to spend quality time together as a family and with friends and reflect on all those many things that are right with the world and that we can all be thankful for. I do not even know where to begin to count the many blessings I have experienced since joining the Athens Drive family over seven years ago! I am so very thankful to be able to share time with such awesome students, caring staff, and loving and committed school families! We do consider “your” children to be “our” children, and I thank you for giving all of us here at Athens Drive the honor to teach, inspire, and love your student! As I celebrate Thanksgiving with my family, I will be thinking about my extended Athens Drive family and hoping each of you has a peaceful, safe, and enjoyable holiday! If you are traveling, please be safe.


THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY NEXT WEEK: Please remember that next week is Thanksgiving, and students will be in school for two days only—Monday and Tuesday. There is no school for students from Wednesday, November 23rd through Sunday, November 27th. Classes will resume at the regular time on Monday, November 28th.


THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF OUR MAGNET THEME SHOWCASE LAST NIGHT! We had a fantastic Magnet Theme Showcase Open House last night! I would like to thank our students and their families who came out to meet, greet, and share information about all aspects of The Drive to prospective families—you all were incredible! The feedback was very positive, I loved the spirit and energy, and I am very thankful for the wonderful school family we have! I thank you all for your willingness to share all the positive aspects and opportunities with teaching and learning happening each day at Athens Drive!


FIRST QUARTER REPORT CARDS WENT HOME ON MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14TH: Please remember that First Quarter Report Cards were given to students in Drive Time on Monday, November 14th.


FIRST SEMESTER FINAL EXAM SCHEDULE: We have posted the First Semester Final Exam Schedule to the Athens Drive Magnet High School’s website. Our Final Exams take place from Friday, January 20th through Thursday, January 26th. Please know that all students must take their Final Exams as scheduled, so please be sure that you plan any appointments, etc. outside of the Final Exam Schedule for your student. Please know that our teachers will be providing review materials and other Final Exam information to students during class as we get closer to the administration of Final Exams. However, it is important for our students to study outside of class for their Final Exams. Please remember that End-Of-Course Tests and CTE Post Assessments are State-mandated Final Exams, and all students must take these Exams. There are no Senior Exam Exemptions for those Final Exams. All Final Exams count 20% of a students’ final grade for the class (Final Grade is calculated by 40% for Quarter 1, 40% for Quarter 2, and 20% for Final Exam). Please also remember that if a student does not have a Final Exam scheduled for a day, he/she does not need to come to school on that day. Due to the number of staff required to administer the variety of Final Exams that we give, only students who have an assigned Final Exam need to be on campus each day. Here are some additional important pieces of information regarding our Final Exams:


  • Every course has a Final Exam. The student will either take an End-Of-Course test, CTE Post Assessment, or a Teacher-Made Final Exam. For Teacher-Made Final Exams, which could be a Test, Project, or other cumulative assessment.
  • Final Exams will be given on Friday, January 20th through Thursday, January 26th. Thursday, January 26th is a Make-Up Day for Final Exams, and the only students who need to come to school on Thursday, January 26th, are those students who missed a Final Exam earlier in the week and need to make it up.
  • If a student does not have an Exam on a certain day, the student does NOT need to come to school. For example, a Senior who has earned a Senior Exam Exemption for a First Period Exam, does not have to come on Friday, January 20th. Or, if a student is present for every Final Exam from Friday through Wednesday, the student does not have to come to school on Thursday, January 26th for the Make-Up Final Exam Day.
  • Our Seniors are eligible for a Senior Exam Exemption. Seniors who have a Final Grade of “C” or better in a course that does not require a State mandated Exam will be considered EXEMPT from the Final Exam for the course. Attendance will not count toward Senior Exam Exemptions for this school year.
  • If a student does not take their Final Exam, the student will receive a “0” and that “0” grade will count for 20% of the student’s Final Grade for the course.
  • All End-Of-Course and CTE Post Assessments Final Exams MUST be taken on the student’s assigned WCPSS Chromebook.
  • Breakfast and Lunch will be served for those students who want to participate in these meal programs every day of the Final Exam week.
  • Students must be present at the beginning of the Final Exam period and must remain in the Final Exam setting for the entire Final Exam period. Even if a student finishes early, a student may not leave the Final Exam test setting. To maintain the integrity of our school-wide testing efforts, students will not be allowed to be checked out early or leave prior to 11:45 a.m. on each Final Exam testing day.
  • All students need to leave campus by 12:00 p.m. each day of the week for Final Exams. Students may not wait on campus for afterschool events or programs.
  • Buses are running as usual in the morning, but will leave campus at 12:00 p.m. each day. They will NOT be coming back to make another run in the afternoon.
  • Students must NOT be on another school’s campus at anytime during Final Exam week.


Thank you for reading this information and becoming familiar with our Final Exam Schedule. Please also note that this Final Exam Schedule is subject to change as we get updated information from the State or WCPSS. Our teachers will be communicating with our students regarding this Final Exam Schedule from now until the Final Exam week begins.


STUDENTS MUST USE THEIR SCHOOL-ISSUED LAPTOP FOR STATE END-OF-COURSE TESTS AND CTE POST ASSESSMENTS: I wanted to reiterate that it is now Wake County Public School System policy that all students taking a State End-Of-Course Exam, or a CTE Post Assessment Exam, are required to use their school-issued devices. Thank you for being sure your student is ready to take their State Final Exams on their Chromebook.


WAKE TECHNICAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE ON-SITE ADMISSIONS: Please know that we have worked with Wake Tech Community College to host on-site admissions for our Seniors during both Lunches in our Media Center on Tuesday, November 22nd and December 9th. This is a great opportunity for our Seniors who are interested in attending Wake Tech Community College! Please contact Ms. Carlton ( with any questions you have.


OPPORTUNITY TO HELP OTHER MEMBERS IN OUR SCHOOL FAMILY: Please understand that we have Athens Drive students and families who are struggling to meet their daily needs and we want to make a concentrated effort to support them. We are once again collecting various kinds of gift cards to assist some of our Athens Drive families during this holiday season. We are asking for the following gift card donations with amounts anywhere from $10 - $50 per card: 


  • Walmart  
  • Food Lion    
  • Visa Gift Card  
  • Walgreens/CVS  
  • Gas station  


Gift card donations can be delivered to the Main Office. Thank you for your support! If you are a family who may need support, or if you know of a student/family who needs support, please use this Google Form to provide information to us so that we can help as we can. Thank you for your support and care! 


YEARBOOK SENIOR RECOGNITION ADS: We have extended the final date that Seniors and their families can purchase Senior Recognition Ads. Senior Recognition Ads to be printed in our Yearbook are now available for purchase until Tuesday, November 22nd. Please know that all information regarding Senior Ad requirements can be found on the Yearbook website at Please know that Yearbook Senior Ad purchases include the purchase of a Yearbook, so families should not purchase a Yearbook as a separate line item. If you have questions, please contact Ms. Luna, our Yearbook Advisor, at


SENIOR CLASS PICTURE: Please know that our annual Senior Class Photo will be taken on Tuesday, November 29th, at the beginning of Second Period, in the Upper Gym. We will be sharing information as we take this picture on how students and families can purchase a copy of this picture if they would like. I look forward to having our Senior Class together to continue this tradition!


SENIOR SPORTSWEAR IS NOW AVAILABLE: The official Athens Drive Senior Sportswear is now on sale! The Senior Class of 2023 came up with three terrific design ideas available as t-shirts, long-sleeves, crewnecks, and hoodies! Students and families can order these items online using our school's Online Payment System OR you can print off an order form and include payment (cash, check or money order payable to Athens Drive Magnet High School). If you pay online, you do not need to turn in an order form. Printed order forms and payment can be turned into the Main Office or to Mr. Remaley in Room 2618. The deadline to order these items is Friday, December 2nd, by the end of the school day. Here are the options:


  • Design Option 1Life is good (available in 2-great comfort colors)  Tap this LINK to see a full color proof.  The names of the entire Senior class are on the back!
  • Design Option 2Graduation album cover (only available in white)  Tap this LINK to see a full color proof.
  • Design Option 3Cook-Out (only available in red)  Tap this LINK to see a full color proof.  The names of the entire Senior class are on the back!


WINTER SPORTS SEASON HAS BEGUN! Please know that our Winter Sports Season is underway!  Please know this Winter we will be hosting Basketball games and Wrestling matches throughout the months of November, December, January, and February. Our Swim Team will compete at the Triangle Aquatics Center, our Indoor Track team will compete at JDL Fast Track in Winston Salem, and our Cheer Team at various competitions throughout the State.  Please know the entire schedule for each of our sports are posted on our social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) at the handle @athenjags.  A calendar of events is also posted on our website at Tickets for all home events are found on our GoFAN Platform. We look forward to seeing you at our events this Winter! If you have any questions, please contact our Athletic Director, Coach Seese, at   


AUDITIONS FOR OUR SPRING MUSICAL: Auditions for our Spring Musical, Seussical, will take place on Monday, November 28th through Thursday, December 1st. Audition information has been posted on our Theatre website to aid in student preparation. Answers including what music to use, the audition order, and how to prepare for an audition can all be found on the website. All students planning on auditioning must attend the dance call on Monday, November 28th as well as a singing/acting audition on Tuesday or Wednesday, November 29th or 30th. Students are encouraged to read through all of the material that has been posted online before contacting Ms. Hayes or Ms. Santa Croce with questions. Crew application information is also posted on the website. Interested students and families can find the Theatre website here:


WINTER CHORUS CONCERT IS COMING SOON! Our Winter Chorus Concert is set for Thursday, December 8th beginning at 7:00 p.m. in the Auditorium! Please come and join us for some wonderful holiday classics and pieces from around the world! Admission is free and you will be amazed at the talent of our students!


MARCHING BAND REPRESENTING ATHENS DRIVE THIS HOLIDAY SEASON: I am proud that our Marching Band will be performing in the Raleigh Christmas Parade tomorrow, Saturday, November 19th! If you can’t make it out to see them march and perform in person and are going to watch it on television, we will be marching towards the beginning of the Parade. Tonight, our Band will also be performing for the Tree-Lighting Celebration at Waverly Place beginning at 6:00 p.m. They will also be marching in the Apex Christmas Parade and the Cary Christmas Parade this season. I thank our students for their dedication and hard work in representing Athens Drive so well!


DEWEY’S BAKERY STORES OPEN: Our Band Boosters will once again operate two Dewey’s Bakery stores to support our Band Program. The 2022 season stores will operate in the Upper Level of Waverly Place Shopping Center in Cary and in the Village District in Raleigh. The stores are now open and will remain open through Saturday, December 24th. The store hours are Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. through 6:00 p.m. and on Sunday from 12:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. You can follow the Band’s efforts on FaceBook and Instagram @deweysathensdrive for all the latest! You can also visit to find out more information about the products that are being sold. Thank you for visiting these stores, purchasing great holiday treats, and supporting our Band Program!


SENIORS—CAP AND GOWN ORDERS: Families of Seniors, please know that Cap and Gown Ordering information was distributed during Drive Time class last week and Jostens was here this week to meet with students and take orders. Please be sure to review this information that your Senior has been provided. Please know that it is the responsibility of every Graduating Senior to get their own Cap and Gown. A Senior can use a sibling/friend’s Cap and Gown if they wish (it must be the Royal Blue color—our official gown) and then they can order a 2023 tassel online. The cost of the Cap and Gown is $35.00 (plus tax, shipping, and handling) and can be paid online through the Jostens website ( If you aren’t prepared to order at this time, please know that you can order online at any time. However, PLEASE order before Winter Break (Wednesday, December 21st) to get the group pricing discount. If you have any questions, please contact our Senior Class Advisor, Mr. Remaley (  You can also click HERE to access more information on ordering your Cap and Gown.


DILLARD DRIVE MIDDLE SCHOOL ALUMNI NETWORK: Coach Andy Hoffman, a teacher at Dillard Drive Middle School, is looking to start a Dillard Drive Alumni Network. Dillard Drive is hoping to host a High School fair, where former students can come to provide advice to current Dillard Drive students about High School and beyond. If you are a student who attended Dillard Drive Middle School, a PTA member, or parent of a student who attended Dillard Drive Middle School, and are interested in giving back by participating in this event, please contact Coach Hoffman (


CLOSING THOUGHTS AND TAKE CARE: Those are all the announcements for this week. Since we are only having two school days next week, I will not be sending my weekly message next week. I hope you all make it a very enjoyable weekend and prepare for our Holiday week next! Please continue to check the Athens Drive website ( for general information and to help you stay informed. As always, please continue to be safe, and take care of yourselves, your loved ones, and each other. GO JAGS!





ACCESSING TEACHER/COURSE INFORMATION: To best support the academic success of our students, every teacher has created a Learning Management System in Canvas. Students and families can access these resources by finding their teacher on our Faculty Directory on the Athens Drive Magnet High School website. Students who are out of school due to absences must utilize this resource to stay up-to-date with class assignments and resources.


LUNCH TIME TUTORING: To support the academic needs of our students, we have students and teachers available to tutor students in all subject areas during Lunch. Every Tuesday and Thursday, during both “A” and “B” Lunches, students can receive help in subjects where they may be struggling. “A” Lunch tutoring happens in Room 2616 and “B” Lunch tutoring happens in Room 2714. This is a great opportunity for our students to receive help during the school day to support their learning.


WADE EDWARDS LEARNING LAB (WELL) FOR FREE TUTORING SUPPORT: If you or your student needs some additional academic support, you can visit the Wade Edwards Learning Lab for FREE tutoring. The WELL exists to assist students in achieving their academic goals through planning, scheduling, encouragement, and focus. The WELL maintains a team of talented, trained tutors ready to assist students in their areas of need. Their tutors are both volunteers from the community and students from local colleges. Students meet with the same tutor each time for an hour or more each week. Visit their website,, for more information and to request tutoring support.


GRADUATION DATE FINALIZED FOR THE CLASS OF 2023!! I am happy to announce that our Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2023 will be held on Saturday, June 10th, 2022, beginning at 12:00 p.m. at the Raleigh Convention Center! I look forward to celebrating the accomplishments of this incredible Class at our Commencement Exercises! Seniors, and their families, please also know that we will be holding a MANDATORY Graduation Rehearsal at Athens Drive on Thursday, May 25th, beginning at 7:25 a.m. in the Main Gym.


IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN THE SENIOR REMIND GROUP: As we discussed in our Senior Class meeting this week, we need our Seniors (and their families) to stay connected to EVERYTHING Senior related. We do not want our Seniors or Senior families to miss anything related to their Senior Year. To make this happen, we need all Seniors and their families to join the Senior Remind message group today! If you are using the Remind App, then enter the class code: @theremaley. If you are not using the App and prefer a text message, then text the message: @theremaley to the number: 81010. Mr. Remaley, the Senior Class Advisor, will use this source to get important Senior information to our Seniors and their Senior families daily at 2:30 p.m. The reply option on Remind is NOT turned on so if you have questions, please email Mr. Remaley ( Please be sure to sign up TODAY and do not miss a thing from Senior Year!


SENIOR EXAM EXEMPTION: For the 2022 – 2023 school year, once again, Seniors can be exempt from Non-State Mandated Final Exams and Field Tests based on the following criteria: Students who have a Final Course Grade of “C” or higher are eligible to be exempt from Final Exams. Absences will not be considered in determining Senior Exemption status for the 2022 – 2023 school year. 


SENIORGRAM IS NOW AVAILABLE: Please know that we have posted our SeniorGram with important dates and information for Seniors and their families. Thank you for marking these important dates down so that our Seniors have a fantastic finish to their High School career!


SENIORS ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE THE MENINGOCOCCAL BOOSTER VACCINATION: North Carolina law requires all rising 12th Grade students to receive a Meningococcal Vaccine Booster before starting 12th Grade. Please know that the vaccination must be done before the 2022 – 2023 school year begins. Families will need to provide a copy of their student’s immunization record showing proof that the Meningococcal Vaccine has been completed prior to the first day of school. This is a 2-dose immunization; the 1st dose was required in the 7th Grade in the WCPSS. Please click here for more information. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Carrillo, our Data Manager, at, contact our Student Services Department at 919-233-4050, or fax your immunization updates to 919-670-4457. Thank you for taking care of this required vaccine!


SCHOLARSHIP BULLETIN: Seniors should already be signed up for Mr. Grabiec’s Scholarship Remind message, as we covered this in our Class Meeting and during Drive Time. In addition, please see our Scholarship Bulletin for additional Scholarships available for students.


SENIOR RECOGNITION ADS IN YEARBOOK: Senior Recognition Ads are available to purchase. Please celebrate your Seniors and reserve a space in the Yearbook for a personal message and photos to recognize your student’s achievements. All purchase information is available on the Yearbook website. Please note that your Senior Recognition Ad purchase INCLUDES a Yearbook, so there is no need to purchase a Yearbook as well. Senior Recognition Ad spaces will be available for purchase until Monday, November 14th. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Luna, our Yearbook Advisor, at


DOING SOMETHING FANTASTIC TO BE FEATURED IN THE YEARBOOK? Our Yearbook staff is always looking for events and students to feature and write about. From starting their own business, excelling in a sport off-campus, volunteerism, and being driven in their passions, out students are amazing! If you think your student would like to be in the Yearbook for something they have done or for something in which they are exceptional, please let our Yearbook staff know. Contact forms around being featured are linked on the Yearbook website.


PURCHASE A YEARBOOK: The Yearbook summer sale continues through Friday, August 26th. The Yearbook will be available to purchase for $65.00 during the current sale time. After Friday, August 26th, the Yearbook price will return to its normal Fall price of $75.00 until late September. Yearbooks can be purchased from the Yearbook website throughout the school year. Last year, our Yearbooks sold out before delivery, so please purchase early to ensure you have a copy. If you have questions, contact Ms. Luna, our Yearbook Advisor, at


PLEASE USE OUR CARPOOL LANE INSTEAD OF OUR JUNIOR AND SENIOR PARKING LOTS: I would ask that all families who are carpooling our students please use the Carpool Lane we have established in the entrance to our campus from Avent Ferry Road. We are finding that there are many families who are using our Junior and Senior Parking Lots in the back of school off Jaguar Park Drive to pick-up their students and that is causing considerable congestion for our Juniors and Seniors who are trying to leave campus. Thank you for being considerate of our Juniors and Seniors and not creating additional traffic and congestion in our Junior and Senior Parking Lots.


STUDENTS LEAVING CAMPUS FOR LUNCH: As we are discussing in our Class Meetings, Juniors and Seniors who have an approved Off-Campus Lunch Pass are the only students who may leave campus for Lunch. A Junior or Senior student cannot leave campus during lunch without having an authorized Off-Campus Lunch Pass. Freshmen and Sophomores are NEVER allowed to leave campus during the school day, unless on an approved school trip. If a Junior or Senior would like to purchase a Lunch Pass (the cost is $10.00 for the year), please visit the Off-Campus Lunch Pass Google Form we have created located on the Athens Drive Magnet High School website to complete the Application. Thank you for your support in ensuring our students do the right thing and stay on campus during Lunch.


STUDENTS MUST HAVE A VALID PARKING PASS TO PARK ON CAMPUS: I would like to ask all students and parents to help us ensure that only those students who have a valid Parking Pass park on campus. Please understand that any student who parks on campus must have a Parking Pass and park only in their assigned area. It is important for us to know who is parking on campus and have parent permission for students to drive and park on campus. We will begin to ticket students who are parking on campus without having a valid Parking Pass to park on campus. Please also understand that Athens does not retain any of the money collected for the Parking Passes—the money collected for Parking Passes goes directly to Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) and pays for our Security Officer on Campus who patrols the outside of the school. If a student wants to purchase a Parking Pass, they can still purchase one. Students interested in securing a Parking pass for the 2021 – 2022 school year should carefully read and follow the guidelines on the application. To complete the Parking Pass Application process, please complete the On-Line Parking Registration.


ARRIVAL AND DISMISSAL ON CAMPUS: Please know that we have several different areas on campus to support the safe arrival and dismissal of our students. You can visit our Transportation Information section on our website to get additional information and maps on where to drop-off and pick-up our students. Please know the following information:


  • Special Transportation Arrival and Dismissal: The entrance to our campus off Athens Drive is only for students who require Special Transportation to get to school each day. Families who have students who have special needs may use this entrance as well. This entrance is NOT to be used for our general carpool students.


  • Carpool Arrival: Please remember that ALL carpool arrival is handled through our Carpool Loop in the Carpool Parking Lot through the entrance from Avent Ferry Road. If you are planning on leaving to turn Right on Avent Ferry, please enter the Parking Lot from Avent Ferry Road and be in the Left Hand Lane to drive all the way up the Carpool Parking Lot and around the semi-circle at the top of the Parking Lot. Please pull all the way up to the end of the semi-circle and stop and drop your student off. If you are planning on leaving to turn onto Athens Drive, please enter the Parking Lot from Avent Ferry Road and be in the Right Hand Lane to drop your student off and then turn right to drive to the Exit to Athens Drive. Please be sure that your student is ready to exit the car as you come to a stop to expedite the carpool process. Students can begin exiting their vehicles at 6:45 a.m. to enter our school. Please remember that students should be dropped off in the morning with enough time for them to be in class, ready for learning at 7:25 a.m. Please also remember to not drop your student off at any other location around campus or along either Avent Ferry Road or Athens Drive. Thank you for helping us ensure the safety and well-being of our students.


  • Carpool Dismissal: In the afternoon, we will also use our Carpool Loop in the Carpool Parking Lot that is accessible through the entrance from Avent Ferry Road. I would ask that when you arrive you drive all the way around the Parking Lot and pull up almost to the Exit of the Parking Lot. Cars will line-up in two single file lines, staying to the right and left of the middle of the Parking Lot so that cars can pass in between to Exit. As soon as cars begin to back up through the semi-circle, we will begin two lines to help us keep cars off Avent Ferry Road and traffic flowing. As students are picked up, we will move the cars forward to keep the Carpool line moving. Once your student has been seated in your car, you can move to the left lane and careful drive to the exit of the Carpool Parking Lot. Please be safe and aware of your surroundings as you drive through Carpool to ensure the safety of our students and each other!


  • Bus Transportation: If your student will be riding the bus to school, students and families that have transportation eligible bus riders can find our new Bus Routes for the 2022 – 2023 school year posted on the Bus Routes page of our website. Please find the intersection nearest your residence and that will be your bus stop. Please be familiar with your bus route and plan to get to your bus stop at least 20 minutes early. Wake County Public School System will also share your student’s transportation route, stop, and estimated bus arrival time on-line in PowerSchool. In addition, please understand that due to a shortage of Bus Drivers, we will have several “double back” routes; meaning that one bus will run two routes each morning and afternoon to pick-up and drop-off our students. Thank you for your support.


NEW ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL AND COUNSELORS: It is my pleasure to introduce new Counselors and an Assistant Principal who have joined our school family! Here are the names and break-down of the Alphabet for our Administrators and Counselors for this year:



Last Name:



A – Cl

Mr. Clinkscales

Ms. Crutcher

Co – Ha

Mr. Coats

Ms. Huber

He – Mc

Mr. Katz

Ms. Dickson

Me – Sam

Ms. Harris

Mr. Grabiec

San – Z

Ms. Wiggins

Ms. Hegarty


PLACES FOR STUDENTS TO EAT LUNCH ON CAMPUS: Please know that ONLY Juniors and Seniors with an approved Lunch Pass are allowed to leave campus for Lunch. Sophomores and Freshmen are NEVER allowed to leave campus during the school day, unless on an approved school trip. Student who remain on campus to eat Lunch have multiple options for where to sit during Lunch. Students can eat in the Cafeteria, the Gym/Auditorium Lobby, the Courtyard, the cement area outside of the Gym/Auditorium Lobby, use the Basketball Courts behind the Lower Gym, and hang out in the open area outside of the Lower Gym. It is my expectation that students exhibit positive behavior as they eat Lunch or hangout in these areas.


JUINIORS AND SENIORS LEAVING CAMPUS FOR LUNCH: Juniors and Seniors who have an approved Off-Campus Lunch Pass are the only students who may leave campus for lunch. A Junior or Senior student cannot leave campus during Lunch without having an authorized Off-Campus Lunch Pass. Freshmen and Sophomores are NEVER allowed to leave campus during the school day, unless on an approved school trip. If a Junior or Senior would like to purchase a Lunch Pass (the cost is $10.00 for the year), please visit the Off-Campus Lunch Pass Information on our website. Finally, please remember that students must have cleared all fees or fines they have, as an Off-Campus Lunch pass will not be issued if the student has any outstanding fees or fines owed.


WHAT LUNCH DO I HAVE? “A” LUNCH OR “B” LUNCH? A student can determine if they have “A” Lunch or “B” Lunch depending on what course they have Third Period. If a student has an Arts, English, Math, Occupational Course of Study, Social Studies, or Special Education class, then the student will have “A” Lunch. That means the student will go to First Period, then Second Period, then Lunch, then Third Period, and then Fourth Period. If a student has a CTE, English as a Second Language, GradPoint, Physical Education/Healthful Living, Science, or World Languages class, then the student will have “B” Lunch. That means the student will go to First Period, then Second Period, then Third Period, then Lunch, and then Fourth Period.


ATTENDANCE INFORMATION: We are continuing to implement new procedures for Student Check-In and Check-Out and are working to go as paperless as possible with regards to our Attendance procedures. I would ask that school families please use our Attendance-Specific email address ( to send any communication regarding Attendance. Any emails from parents/guardians, doctor’s offices, etc. need to be sent to that email address. In addition, when a parent/guardian comes to school to check-out or check-in a student, the parent/guardian will be using a QR Code that we have posted on the Front Door of the school to complete our process. As soon as the parent/guardian is done entering the information in the Google Doc, we will contact the student’s teacher and the student will come to the Front Doors of the school for Check-Out. Please remember that for safety reasons, there are no student Check-Outs allowed after 1:45 p.m. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we implement these new procedures!


PUBLIC LIBRARY WILL OPEN AT 4:00 P.M. EVERY AFTERNOON: Please know that the Wake County Public Library in our school will change its operational hours and will not open until 4:00 p.m. each afternoon. Students will not be able to remain on campus to wait for the Public Library to open. Thank you for your understanding for the safety of our students and staff with regards to these Public Library operational hours.


CHANGE MADE TO OUR TRADITIONAL SCHOOL CALENDAR: In case you missed the news this week, the WCPSS Board of Education approved a “Calendar Out” day for all Calendars (except the Year-Round Calendar) on Tuesday, November 8th, Election Day. This means there will be no school for students on Tuesday, November 8th. Families can find the WCPSS Traditional Calendar for the year.


BEING A GOOD NEIGHBOR: As we begin a new school year, I would like to remind all our students and families to be respectful of our Athens Drive neighbors. Please remind your students to park legally, drive in a safe manner, throw trash away properly in trash cans, and use appropriate language as they walk, drive, and move around our school campus. We want to be responsible and respectful neighbors, and I ask that we all represent The Drive in only the highest manner. Thanks for helping to carry on over 40-year tradition of excellence both inside and outside of the classroom!


DRESS CODE: Parents, I would like to enlist your support in helping us maintain appropriate dress at school. Wake County Public School System has a Dress Code Policy. Please be sure that students do not wear clothing that violates the dress code. Hats, hoodies, do-rags, and bandanas will also not be allowed to be worn on school grounds. Thank you for support in ensuring our students dress appropriately for teaching and learning every day!


VOLUNTEERING AT ATHENS DRIVE: Now that school family members and visitors are allowed in the building without COVID-19 restrictions, please remember that if you would like to volunteer at Athens Drive, or in any Wake County Public School System school, you must register prior to helping with any tutoring, office support, PTSA, Athletics, Band, Chorus, Theatre, or Club activity this school year. You can register to Volunteer at a computer in the Library during school hours. Please come to the front doors, buzz in, and let our Receptionist know you are here to register as a Volunteer. Thank you for your service and thank you for helping us maintain a safe school climate conducive to learning.


APPLYING FOR FREE AND REDUCED PRICE MEALS FOR THE 2022 – 2023 SCHOOL YEAR: Please know that Breakfast and Lunch will now be free to all students who are eligible for free and reduced-price meals for the 2022 – 2023 school year. Students must apply for free and reduced-price meals to obtain these benefits. Parents can complete a meal benefits application online at Paper applications also are available at all schools. More information can be found at WCPSS Free & Reduced Meals. Thank you for taking care of this important responsibility so that we can ensure that our eligible students can take advantage of this benefit.


SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS: Athens Drive Magnet High School has a variety of Social Media Accounts that students, staff, school families, and the community can follow to stay abreast of what is happening at The Drive. Here is an updated list: 

  • Instagram: 
    • School Instagram: @AthensHSMagnet 
    • Student Services: @athensdrive_studentservices 
    • The Torch (Yearbook): @athens_torch 
    • The Oracle (Newspaper): @athensoracle 
    • ATV (Morning News Program): @atvjagnews 
    • Athens Athletics: @athensjags 
  • Twitter: 
    • School Twitter: @AthensHSMagnet 
    • Student Services: @ADHSStudentSvcs 
    • PTSA: @AthensDrivePTSA 
    • The Torch (Yearbook): @athenstorch 
    • The Oracle (Newspaper): @athensoracle 
    • ATV (Morning News Program): @atvjagnews 
    • Athens Athletics: @athensjags 
    • Athens Drive Student Government: @ADHSExecBoard 
    • STEM Academy: @AthensSTEM 
    • Health Science Career Academy: @ADHS_HSA 
    • Athens Career Corner: @ADHCareercorner

ATHLETIC SPORTS PASSES: Athens Drive Athletics Sports Passes are now on sale for the 2022 – 2023 Athletic year! All passes this year will be Digital, via the GoFAN platform. We offer four levels of sports passes; Student Pass, Individual Pass, Family Pass, and Go Jags Family Pass. If you purchase a Go Jags Family Pass, a customized Paw Print on the sidewalk outside Jag Stadium is included with your package. To get the Paw Print painted prior to the Fall Season, please make sure you purchase your Athletic Sport Pass by Sunday, July 31st. If you have any questions regarding Athletic Sports Passes for the 2022 – 2023 Athletic year, please reach out to our Athletic Director, Coach Travis Seese ( We are looking forward to a great athletic year!


TICKETS:  Individual Game Tickets to all events this year are sold through the GoFan platform. Tickets for all events for the Fall season are posted on our GoFAN Platform Website and can be purchased anytime. In addition, we are accepting credit and debit cards at the gate this year. However, please understand that we will NOT be accepting cash at the gate, as all tickets must be purchased either through the GoFan Platform Website or with a credit/debit card at the gate.


SPORTSMANSHIP:  For our 2022 – 2023 athletic season, a major focus of our Athletic program is to promote positive, competitive sportsmanship. When attending any game home or away, please remember you are representing Athens Drive and it is important to be a positive role model for our student athletes and school family! You can find our Fan Code of Conduct for all our athletic facilities HERE.


GAME TIMES: Please know that game times and dates will change throughout the year due to weather, referee requests, and other factors.  Please make sure you are following us on Social Media to get up to date information regarding game changes and start times. You can find us on Twitter (@athensjags), Instagram (@athensjags), and Facebook.  The standard start times for our events this fall are:


  • Varsity Football: 7:00 p.m.
  • JV Football: 6:30 p.m.
  • Varsity Soccer: 6:30 p.m.
  • JV Soccer: 4:30 p.m.
  • Volleyball: JVB- 4:00 p.m., JVA: 5:00 p.m., and Varsity: 6:00 p.m.
  • Tennis: 3:30 p.m.
  • Cross Country and Gymnastics: Vary by Event


ATHLETIC SPONSORSHIP: One of the ways we raise funds to support our Athletic Department at Athens Drive is by selling Sponsorships to local businesses. If you own a company or work at a company that would be interested in sponsoring Athens Drive Athletics, please contact Coach Travis Seese, our Athletic Director, at Our Sponsorship Levels link provides information on Sponsorships. Thank you for your help in finding ways to continue to fund our Athletic Department programs!


JAGUAR PAW PRINTS: Jaguar Paw Prints are on sale again this year for the athlete recognition paws that lead up to Jaguar Stadium. If you purchase a Go Jags Family Pass, it is included with your Pass membership fee. However, if you would like to order a Paw Print separately, please fill out this Paw Print form and we will send more information to you on how to purchase the Paw Print for the 2022 – 2023 school year.


LIVE STREAMING OF EVENTS IN OUR GYMNASIUM AND JAGUAR STADIUM: We will be offering Live Streaming again this school year through the NFHS Network. You can purchase the Live Streaming package by visiting the WCPSS Live Streaming Website and clicking on Athens Drive.


JAG CLUB VOLUNTEERS: We are looking for volunteers for our Athletic Booster Club that provides support for our Athletic Teams at Athens Drive.  If you are interested in volunteering with the Jag Club, please contact our Athletic Director, Coach Seese at and/or Richelle Laskey at


JAG CLUB FACEBOOK GROUPS: The JAG Club has created Facebook groups for each Class to provide parents/guardians with up-to-date information regarding what is going on regarding Athens Drive Athletics as well other information. If you would like to join one of the JAG Club’s Facebook groups, please click on the appropriate links: 



Page Monitor: Richelle Laskey

Senior Facebook page:



Page Monitor: Aylin Gay

Junior Facebook pages:



Page Monitor: Karen Taylor 

Sophomore Facebook pages: 



            Page Monitor: Lori Airee 

Freshman Page: