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September 2nd, 2021 Special Message

Good afternoon, this is Steve Mares, principal of Athens Drive Magnet High School, with a special message for Thursday, September 2nd. A copy of this special message will be posted on our school website (, tweeted on our school Twitter account, emailed to our students, and emailed and texted to our school families.





NEW MORNING CARPOOL PROCESS BEGINS TOMORROW, SEPTEMBER 3RD: Please know that beginning tomorrow, Friday, September 3rd, we will be implementing a new Morning Carpool process. Please know that our Afternoon Carpool process will remain the same.


In the morning, all Carpool cars must enter the Athens Drive Magnet High School Parking Lot off Avent Ferry Road. Once a Carpool car has entered the Parking Lot, we are now forming two lines and the driver must decide to follow the line of cars to the right or the line of cars to the left.


  • The Line Of Cars To The Right: This line will drop off their students prior to reaching the semi-circle. Once the students are dropped off, the driver will drive the car to turn right and head out of the school Parking Lot to exit onto Athens Drive. Drivers can take a left turn or a right turn onto Athens Drive. There is room to make two lanes so that traffic taking a right turn can move more freely. One point of caution—our students will be crossing the parking lot street in front of cars, so PLEASE be cautious, careful, and always watch out for students! Please also be cautious as our Special Transportation vehicles will be merging with our new carpool line to exit onto Athens Drive. Let’s be kind and courteous as we take care of each other in carpool line.


  • The Line Of Cars To The Left: This line will move up the parking lot, around our semi-circle, and down approximately half-way down the other side of the parking lot. We need all drivers to release their students from half-way down the other side of the parking lot through the semi-circle. Once those students are released and the cars have moved forward, I would ask all drivers to pull up as far as you can and NOT stop short to “quickly” drop your student off in the semi-circle. After dropping off your student, drivers need to move to the exit of the parking lot and now can ONLY TAKE A RIGHT TURN OUT OF THE PARKING LOT ONTO AVENT FERRY ROAD. There will be no more left turns allowed out of our morning carpool onto Avent Ferry Road.


I appreciate your understanding of this process. We have included a Google Map picture on our website to help visually understand these changes. Thank you for patience and understanding as we work to create safe, efficient processes for Carpool that support the safe drop-off of our students, safety of our drivers, and the safe operation of our cars in our Carpool lines.