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August 7th, 2020

Good evening, this is Steve Mares, principal of Athens Drive Magnet High School, with a special message for Friday, August 7th. A copy of this special message will be posted on our school website (, tweeted on our school Twitter account, and emailed and texted to our school families.



BELL SCHEDULES: We have finalized our Bell Schedule for the First Week of School (Monday, August 17th through Friday, August 21st), and also for the rest of the First Quarter Beginning Monday, August 24th. We have posted those Bell Schedules to our website and you can find them there as well. Here are a few of my thoughts that I wanted to share with you to help you understand why we are implementing these Bell Schedules:

  • First Week of School Bell Schedule
    • We felt it was important for our students to begin school on Monday, August 17th and attend school every day. We felt it was important to get them into a routine of attending every period, every day.
    • We will hold 4 classes each day and each class will last for 50 Minutes.
    • The first 30 Minutes of each class will be with the entire class for orientation, sharing of expectations, syllabus review, allowing students to get to know the teacher, begin sharing curriculum, etc.
    • The final 20 Minutes will be for a smaller group of students in the class. This will allow the teacher to get to know students in a smaller "setting." Thus, on Monday, the teacher will select 1/5 of the class to remain in the class Google Meet. The other 4/5 of the class will be dismissed and they are done for that Period. The teacher will then have 20 minutes to work in a small group of students to build relationships with your students in smaller numbers. The next day, the teacher would meet with the entire class again for the first 30 Minutes, and then ask another 1/5 of the class to remain with the teacher in the class Google Meet. The teacher would then work with those students in a small group. The next day, the teacher would do the same thing with another 1/5 of the class. The teacher would do that each day Monday through Friday so that the teacher will have met with all his/her students in small groups throughout the week. It is our hope this will help build the teacher – student relationship better and lay the groundwork for a great Semester. 
    • When students are not in class, they will be working on a Student Orientation Canvas Course that we are creating. This will be a comprehensive "Orientation/Review" of all things Athens Drive. Students will be working on this throughout the week and we will be asking all students to complete the course by Friday, August 21st. This will be a self-directed course for students to work on.
    • Each day Fourth Period will end at 11:35 a.m. The rest of the day will be for teachers to Lesson Plan, meet as Professional Learning Teams, build their Learning Management System, communicate with students and families, complete the required trainings that must be taken through Wake County Public School System (WCPSS), etc. It is my hope that this helps us be even more prepared for starting our "real" schedule on Monday, August 24th.


  • Beginning Monday, August 24th Bell Schedule
    • At the start of the Second Week of School, we want to get into instruction and a “normal” routine.
    • This will be our schedule from Monday, August 24th until we are allowed to bring students back into our building.
    • During this week, please know that it is entirely appropriate to continue to orient your students as needed.
    • During this week, please know that it is also entirely appropriate to begin new instruction, begin assessments to gauge student understanding and mastery levels, etc.
    • During this week, please know that it is also entirely appropriate to begin collecting graded assignments, etc.
    • Teachers will be selecting two sessions of "Student Hours" for each class they teach. During this time (Student Hours), teachers will be "live" to meet with small groups of students, support student learning, and be available for questions. Teachers will communicate this information on their Google Slide housing course and contact information and in their syllabus to inform students of these hours.

I hope this helps our students and families begin to make plans and get excited for the start of the school year! We look forward to “seeing” our students and getting ready for great days of teaching and learning!


DATES/TIMES THAT ARE IMPORTANT IN THE COMING WEEK: We are slowly finalizing our schedule of important days and times for events to start the year. Here are some days and times that are important for you to have and put on your calendar:

    • Wednesday, August 12th at 8:00 a.m.: Students and families will be able to log into PowerSchool and be able to access students’ final schedules. Please know we are still making changes to our Master Schedule as we move students to our Virtual Academy, balance class sizes, and enroll new students. The schedule that is released at 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday will be the schedule the student will follow.
    • Wednesday, August 12th through Wednesday, August 19th: This is the window for students to submit Schedule Changes. Please read the information below to understand our Schedule Change process.
    • Thursday, August 13th at 12:00 p.m.: We will release our Virtual Freshman Orientation Presentation to our school families. I hope that all our Ninth Grade students and families, new students and families to Athens Drive, and anybody who is interested in gaining more information about life at The Drive will take time to watch.
    • Friday, August 14th from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.: We will hold our first Instructional Materials Distribution to students and school families. Please know that not all classes will have instructional materials to share, as most learning will be completed online. However, there are classes where textbooks, workbooks, etc. will be necessary. Please know that teachers will be communicating to students whether there are instructional materials that need to be picked up for a class.
    • Monday, August 17th: FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! Students should be up, ready, and in their First Period Google Meet by 7:45 a.m. Start practicing that wake-up drill!
    • Friday, August 21st from 1:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m.: Senior Drive Through at The Drive event. Please see below for more information on this event.
    • Tuesday, August 25th: Virtual Meet the Teacher Night. Please save this evening to be "live" with your students' teachers and receive Parent Orientation information on the school year.

I wanted to get these dates and times on your radar. Thank you for your understanding as we continue to roll out information to you all!


STUDENT SCHEDULES: As I mentioned previously, student schedules will be released at 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, August 12th. Students can view their schedules in their PowerSchool/NCEdCloud account. To prepare for the upcoming Semester, there will be limited class schedule changes. We have set strict guidelines for our Request for Schedule Change process and students must meet the acceptable criteria to be granted a schedule change. Acceptable requests during this time:

  1. Scheduled for less than four courses in First Semester. (For example: a schedule is missing a class, a schedule has two courses in the same period, etc.)
  2. Missing a Pre-Requisite course that is required for the course the student is enrolled in.
  1. Failure of a course. (For example: if a schedule does not include a course that a student needs, and the student had failed the course previously, we would put them back in that course.)
  2. Scheduled in a course previously taken and passed.

Not acceptable requests for a schedule change during this time:

  1. Teacher changes (For example: a student wants a different teacher)
  2. Elective course changes
  3. Class period changes (For example: a student wants to take a course during Fourth Period instead of First Period)

If you meet the above criteria for an acceptable Request for Schedule change you can complete the Request for Schedule Change form. The completed form must be emailed to the student’s Counselor by 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 19th. Here is the email contact information for our Counselors:


  • Telfair: Students with the Last Name Beginning with the letters A through Di:
  • Boothe: Students with the Last Name Beginning with the letters Do through La:
  • Wright: Students with the Last Name Beginning with the letters Le through Ri:
  • Hegarty: Students with the Last Name Beginning with the letters Ro through Z:


Please understand that our Counselors and Administrators will be working on the Second Semester schedules for students later in this Quarter. We will ensure that all schedules for students in the Second Semester are finalized prior to the start of the Second Semester and that all our Virtual Academy students are placed in correct sections for the Second Semester. Thank you for your understanding as we have worked to ensure that First Semester schedules are accurate.


SPIRIT WEEK THE FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL: Working in conjunction with our Student Government and Executive Board, we will start the year off with a Spirt Week to get students fired up to be back and ready to tackle this new year and new learning environment! Students are encouraged to participate in the following ways:


  • Monday: Orange and Blue Day (wear orange and blue to your classes)
  • Tuesday: Wacky Hat Day (since you can't wear hats in school, let's go for it today)
  • Wednesday: Crayola Day (wear your favorite colored shirt)
  • Thursday: Sports Day (wear your favorite uniform, team shirt, team colors, etc.)
  • Friday: Class Day (either wear something that says your Graduation year or make a sign that goes behind you with your grade) 


It would be great if our students could follow our Student Government Instagram and Twitter Accounts. The Instagram Account is @jagnationad, and the Twitter Account is @ADHSExecBoard. I look forward to a great reopening of school!


PARKING FEES ARE BEING WAIVED FOR THE 2020 – 2021 SCHOOL YEAR: A decision has been made that the WCPSS will waive student Parking Fees for the 2020 – 2021 school year as long as we are in Plan B or Plan C status. They have informed us that we will continue with our normal registration and procedures for issuing Parking Tags with the exception of collecting fees. When we move to Plan A status, WCPSS will charge the students for Parking Tags by prorating the costs for the remaining time left in the school year based upon the previously approved $200.00 fee.  We will communicate more information with students and families as we get closer to having students in the back in our school for in-person learning.


DRIVE THROUGH AT THE DRIVE TO HONOR OUR SENIORS: As you saw in the schedule listed above, we are going to kick off the year with a Drive Through at The Drive event on Friday, August 21st, from 1:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. This is an event that is exclusive to our Senior Class and I hope a fun way to honor them as they begin their final year of High School! Since this is not the typical start for our Seniors, we want to be sure they know that we love them, appreciate the work they have done to get to this point, are excited for what the future holds for them, and that they are honored and valued at The Drive! For this event, we are going to have our Seniors decorate their cars and drive around the walking track at Jaguar Stadium. For those of you who were here last year, this will be similar to our event last year for our Graduating Seniors. More details will be forthcoming, but hopefully our Seniors will get excited to celebrate the start of their Senior year with this event!


SENIOR PORTRAITS: Seniors who took their Senior Portraits in July should have received an email from Evan Pike Photography with instructions on how to proof, select yearbook portraits, and place an order. If you haven't received this email, please check your spam folder. If it is not there, please reply to your session booking email to let Evan know. If the email used to book the Senior’s session was a student email, please have your Senior forward that email to parents so that you all can see it as well.


DISTRIBUTION OF CURRICULUM MATERIALS TO STUDENTS: Please know that we are working on a plan to distribute instructional materials to our students. We will have three distribution days and it is imperative that our students/families make every effort to come to school on one of our Distribution events to get the textbooks, workbooks, instructional materials, etc. that students will need for a variety of classes. While our teachers are just now working on gathering these materials, we do not have a specific list for every class. However, I did want you to be aware of these events and put them on your calendar to be sure you can attend one of these events:

  • Friday, August 14th, from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday, August 18th, from 12:00 p.m. until 3:30 p.m.
    • Thursday, August 20th, from 12:00 p.m. until 3:30 p.m.

Please know that this IS NOT a Distribution event for Chromebooks or Hotspots. WCPSS is handling that distribution and I have information later in this message regarding that topic. Our Distribution event is for Athens Drive instructional materials and will be held in the Cafeteria, with students/families entering the building through the Gym/Auditorium Lobby entrance (parking in the Senior Lot in the back of school). Students/Families will proceed through the Courtyard and then turn into the Cafeteria where they will be given their instructional materials. Students/Families will then leave the Cafeteria and exit the school through the Gym/Auditorium Lobby doors. Face coverings will be required for anybody who wishes to enter the school to get their instructional materials. I will be sharing more information with you all as these dates get closer, but I did want you all to be aware of these events. Thank you!


DEVICE DISTRIBUTION FOR STUDENTS: Please know that we had many of our school family members complete the WCPSS Technology Survey stating that they need a device and/or need a hotspot to participate in remote learning. In addition, we are reaching out to our families who did not complete this Survey or who we have not heard from regarding a need for a Chromebook or Hotspot. I did want to inform you that WCPSS has announced that those students who completed the Survey and shared their needs can pick up their Chromebooks and Hotspots at the following locations: Leesville Road High School, Knightdale High School, South Garner High School, Enloe High School, and Apex High School. The Distribution times, starting on Monday, August 17th and lasting throughout the week, are as follows: Monday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Tuesday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Wednesday 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m., Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m., Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., and Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. As I get additional information from WCPSS I will certainly share it with you. However, please know that if you need a Chromebook or Hotspot, you must attend one of these Distribution events, as we will not be having any distribution events at our school. Also, if you have already been given a Chromebook and it does not work or you are having issues with it, you can come to one of these Distribution events to have it looked at. Thank you for ensuring you get a device so that all our students can be engaged in teaching and learning from the start of the school year!


INFORMATION FROM THE NORTH CAROLINA HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION (NCHSAA): I received this information from the NCHSAA regarding athletic participation and wanted to be sure you had this information: "At his press conference on Wednesday, August 5, 2020, Governor Roy Cooper and his health team extended Phase Two of the state’s reopening plan until at least September 11.  Unfortunately, this announcement means that the start of sports for the 2020-2021 school year will be delayed beyond September 1 for NCHSAA member schools. The NCHSAA Staff and Board of Directors will review all available options, seek input from SMAC, DPI, a sports Ad Hoc Committee, and announce a calendar for playing sports during the upcoming school year.  It is hoped that we can make this announcement prior to August 17, 2020. We want to play sports during this upcoming school year and are making plans to do so; however, the health and safety of all participants, including coaches and other essential staff, will be a priority as decisions and plans are made. We appreciate your patience and your understanding."


STUDENT AND PARENT GUIDES TO TECHNOLOGY: Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) has created an outstanding resource for students and parents to support remote learning this school year. The Student and Parent Guide to Technology is a great resource to show students how to log into their Wake IDs, student email account, how to set up and use Chromebooks and Internet Hotspots, how to connect to Wi-Fi, how to use both Google Classroom and Canvas learning management systems, and so much more. WCPSS will continue to add resources and updates to this site, so please be sure to bookmark it.


ACTION REQUIRED—CLASS OF 2021 VACCINATION REQUIREMENT INFORMATION: In accordance with North Carolina State Law, all students attending public schools entering the 12th Grade are required to receive a booster dose of Meningococcal vaccine. Most medical providers in Wake County are seeing appointments for health assessments and immunizations. At this time, the NC Immunization Program has stated they will not be extending the immunization requirements due to COVID-19. All required immunizations are due by the first day of school. If the parent/student has not provided immunization documentation after 30 calendar days from the start of school, the student MUST be excluded from school until documentation is provided. Please email all immunizations, including the Meningococcal vaccine, to Ms. Sidney, our Registrar, at Thank you for your attention to this vital information.


SPECIAL EDUCATION STUDENTS AND REMOTE LEARNING: WCPSS has posted additional information for students with Individual Education Plans regarding the move to our Plan B Transition reopening of school. You can find this information at this LINK. Please know that we will work to support all our students in whatever learning environment they are participating in.


SAT PREP CLASSES AT ATHENS DRIVE MAGNET HIGH SCHOOL: If you have a Junior or Senior who is planning to take the SAT this Fall, the Athens SAT Prep Course is ready to assist them in their preparation. The class can be done online or in-person if WCPSS permits in the coming weeks. Either way, we are here to help students who need SAT/ACT prep!  CLICK HERE to access the 2020 – 2021 SAT Prep Course flyer. Contact Mr. Remaley ( if you have any questions.


ATHENS DRIVE GEAR TEAM SHOP ORDERING: If you are interested in ordering any Athens Drive gear, please visit the team shop at this LINK. As part of this effort, you will also find a fundraising page for our JAG Club, the Booster Club for Athens Athletics. They are sponsoring this team shop and are trying to offer quality sportswear at the lowest possible price. If you would like to consider donating to the JAG Club to support our student athletes and athletic programs, you can contribute on this team page. Thank you for your support of our students!


SENIOR EXAM EXEMPTIONS: I did recently receive the following information from WCPSS regarding Senior Exam Exemptions that I am sure our Seniors want to know about: “High schools are asked to observe the following guidance for senior exam exemptions in 2020-2021. Students will be exempt from their exam for any course that does not require state testing and for which the student has a final average of C or better. For the 2020-2021 school year, absences will not be considered in the determination of senior exam exemptions.” I hope this motivates our Seniors to engage in learning and finish their Senior year strong!


CLOSING MESSAGE: Happy Friday! Thank you for your continued understanding of our efforts to start the year in a positive manner! I appreciate the attention to detail you all have shown as you support your students start to this very different opening of school. Please know that we are here to support all our students and you. We will do this, and our students will continue to learn and grow! Please know that we are working hard to prepare for great days of teaching and learning! Thank you for your support! Please continue to check the Athens Drive website for general information and to help you stay informed. As always, please continue to be safe and take care of yourselves, your loved ones, and each other. GO JAGS!





CHANGE TO THE START OF THE SCHOOL YEAR: I would imagine that you all have heard, seen, or received information from the Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) regarding the change that was approved by the WCPSS Board of Education yesterday afternoon for the start of the 2020 – 2021 school year. ALL STUDENTS WILL BEGIN THE YEAR IN ONLINE INSTRUCTION. Monday, August 17th will still be the first day of school for our students, but all students will begin the year in online learning. We have already shifted gears and are beginning to plan for this instructional delivery and please know that we will be communicating details over the course of the next few weeks.


REOPENING OF SCHOOL: I wanted to continue to list these links to resources that WCPSS has already shared to provide information to families regarding this new reopening plan:



STAY CONNECTED THROUGHOUT THE YEAR: To stay connected to my messages and get other updates from WCPSS and Athens Drive Magnet High School, please make note of the following: 

  • SchoolMessenger:  This is the system that we use to get messages to our school families. School families can set their contact preferences with their SchoolMessenger account. Please visit to update your preferences, read FAQ document, and read instructions on how to create a parent SchoolMessenger account.
  • Text messages:  You can also opt-in to receive text messages through our SchoolMessenger system. Please visit as well to get this information. 
  • Emails:  We will automatically send you an email if we have your correct information on file. If you are not receiving this message via email, please email Ms. Gattens (, our School Receptionist, with your correct email address.
  • Athens Drive Magnet High School Website: My weekly (or more often…) Principal Messages are posted and archived on our website. You can access these Principal Messages by clicking on the link in the banner towards the top of the website or scroll down our website for another banner across the webpage with icons and click on the Principal’s Message link.
  • PowerSchool Accounts:  In High School, all students need an NCEdCloud account, and parents are encouraged to maintain their own parent PowerSchool account. If you need to open a student and/or parent PowerSchool account, please follow the directions on the WCPSS website.

Thank you for your efforts to keep updated on all that is happening at The Drive!


SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS: Athens Drive Magnet High School has a variety of Social Media Accounts that students, staff, school families, and the community can follow to stay abreast of what is happening at The Drive. This is an updated list from the list I sent out earlier in the week:


  • Instagram:
    • School Instagram: @AthensHSMagnet
    • Student Services: @athensdrive_studentservices
    • The Torch (Yearbook): @athens_torch
    • The Oracle (Newspaper): @athensoracle
    • ATV (Morning News Program): @atvjagnews
    • Athens Athletics: @athensjags
    • Athens Jag Club: @adhsjaguars


  • Twitter:
    • School Twitter: @AthensHSMagnet
    • Student Services: @ADHSStudentSvcs
    • PTSA: @AthensDrivePTSA
    • The Torch (Yearbook): @athenstorch
    • The Oracle (Newspaper): @athensoracle
    • ATV (Morning News Program): @atvjagnews
    • Athens Athletics: @athensjags
    • Athens Drive Student Government: @ADHSExecBoard
    • STEM Academy: @AthensSTEM
    • Health Science Career Academy: @ADHS_HSA


  • Facebook:
    • School Facebook: Athens Drive Magnet High School


  • Remind: text to 81010


  • Senior Class Messages from Mr. Remaley, Senior Class Advisor: @theremaley


  • Remind Class information from our Student Services Team:
    • Class of 2021 is @fae99c
    • Class of 2022 is @admhscl
    • Class of 2023 is @c44694k
    • Class of 2024 is @haghfb


Please know that you can find this information on our website with active links to these sites. Thank you for keeping up-to-speed with everything that happens at The Drive!


SENIOR INFORMATION: I wanted to be sure that our Seniors and their families have the information they need to start the year in a positive manner. Here is information for them:


  • SENIOR EVENTS: I have had several Seniors and their families reach out to me and ask about our Senior events and if they will still happen. On a positive note, most of our Senior events happen later in the school year, so our hope is that our Senior events will be able to happen. In addition, we also are looking at adding additional events or changing some of our events based on our experiences last year and some of the fun, family-inspired events we were able to create and host during the pandemic. So, at this time (and yes, things could change…!), we have a place reserved for Prom, we have a Mid-Year Graduation scheduled, we are working with Jostens to plan for Cap and Gown ordering and distribution, we have calendar dates selected for our Senior Breakfast, Senior Picnic, Senior Awards Assembly, etc. Obviously, we will have to wait to see what transpires with the COVID-19 pandemic, in what capacity we are able to gather in large groups, what learning environment we are operating in, etc. However, please know that we are working to ensure that the incredible Class of 2021 have a memorable year and are appropriately honored for their accomplishments!


  • CLASS OF 2021 MID-YEAR GRADUATION: If you have a rising Senior who is interested in Graduating Mid-Year (in January 2021 after the end of the First Semester), forms are available on the Student Services website for you to let us know. You can access the Mid-Year Graduation form by following this link: Mid-Year Graduation Form. Please complete the form, scan it, and email it to Ms. Brown, our Dean of Students, at by Wednesday, July 29th. If you are unable to access this form, please come to school and ring the bell at the Front Door to get assistance with completing this form.


  • SENIORS—EARLY DISMISSAL OR LATE ARRIVAL ON SCHEDULE: If you are interested in having a Late Arrival (No First Period) or Early Dismissal (No Fourth Period) for the 2020 – 2021 school year, that form is posted on the Athens website (Early Dismissal/Late Arrival Form) and is available in our Student Services office. The Early Dismissal or Late Arrival form must be completed, scanned, and emailed to Ms. Telfair ( by Wednesday, July 29th. If you are unable to access this form, please come to school and ring the bell at the Front Door to get assistance with completing this form.


FREE OR REDUCED PRICE MEALS: Please be sure to go the MySchoolApps website to apply for Free or Reduced Price meals. Please know that this year any student who qualifies for Reduced Price meals will get meals Free. So, whether a student qualifies to receive either Free or Reduced Price meals, the meals will all be Free for those students. As I mentioned earlier in my message, we are planning to have a “drive-through” meal pick-up for our students who are learning remotely so that they can continue to receive meals. As soon as we have finalized those plans, I will communicate that with you. Thank you for taking care important process!


PTSA INFORMATION: Here is information that Ms. Lysa Fulbright, our PTSA President, wanted me to share with you all: Welcome Freshmen Parents and Welcome Back Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Parents! Start the new school year off right by joining the Athens Drive PTSA. Your membership dues and donations go to supporting our awesome PTSA Programs, such as Classroom Supply Grants, Senior Scholarships, Athens Achievers Student Recognition, and more! You will also receive The Athens Alert, a weekly email updating you on PTSA and other school events. There are two ways to join: [1] Join and pay online HERE using PayPal, or [2] Print and fill out the Membership Form HERE and mail it in with your payment. For more information about the PTSA, please visit our website at Thank you for your support of our school through your participation in the PTSA!


FOOD DISTRIBUTION: Please know that we are continuing to provide our Food Distribution services to our school families and local community Monday through Friday, from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. Please know that hot lunches for the day and breakfast for the next day will be provided. This service will continue through the summer. Please know that an updated list of all Food Distribution sites can be found at this link. Please continue to share this information with anybody in our community, whether they are students of ours or not, who need this resource during these challenging times. Thank you for your help in taking care of our school families and our community!


PROCESS FOR OBTAINING A DRIVER’S ELIGIBILITY CERTIFICATE: To meet the needs of our students and families, we will be implementing the following process to allow students to receive a Driver’s Eligibility Certificate (DEC) while our school building is closed due to COVID-19. Please remember that DECs are only valid for 30 days; therefore, students are only eligible to receive a DEC during this time if they have a confirmed appointment with the NCDMV within 30 days of the date of the request. You will start by sending an email request to Ms. Teresa Brown (, Dean of Students, and include the email from NCDMV confirming the date/time of the appointment. You will receive an email confirming the date/time you can come to the high school to receive the DEC. Once your appointment is confirmed with us, the following steps will be taken:


  • Step 1: Scan or take a photo of the following:
    • Student’s birth certificate or passport
    • Completed Driver’s Education Certificate (if it has not been emailed ahead of time)
    • Proof of address if the current address is different than the one listed on the Driver’s Education Certificate or the address listed in PowerSchool. Address must be verified for the NC Real ID.
    • Email this information to Ms. Brown, our designated contact at the school. This will limit the amount of paper that has to be exchanged by staff and students. If you are unable to scan or take a photo of the document, then you will need to bring all these documents with you to the appointment.
  • Step 2: Bring the following documents to the appointment:
    • Student’s birth certificate or passport
    • Completed Driver’s Education Certificate (if it has not been emailed ahead of time)
    • Proof of address if the current address is different than the one listed on the Driver’s Education Certificate or the address listed in PowerSchool. Address must be verified for the NC Real ID.
  • Step 3: Receiving the DEC:
    • Once you arrive for your appointment, a staff member will meet you at the front door of the school (entrance by the flagpole) to receive the DEC. It is important that we limit the amount of direct contact and maintain at least 6 feet of social distance. For this reason, please limit the number of family members (preferably just the student and a parent or guardian) who attend the appointment. Please arrive at the school promptly for your scheduled appointment to ensure that we can follow the social distancing guidelines that have been established.
    • Staff will check the student’s grades for adequate progress. The student must have passed 70% of the courses taken in the prior semester to receive a DEC.
    • Once grades have been verified and all other documents are in place, the DEC can be issued to the student.


Thank you for your understanding and support of this process to continue to provide DECs to our students.


SUMMER HOURS FOR SCHOOL OPENING: Please know that we will have a few staff on campus each day from 8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Please understand that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the building is closed for visitors. However, for families who have important business, the building is open to take care of those student/family needs. Please know that to best protect our staff and visitors, anybody on campus must always wear a mask/face covering. Thank you for your understanding.