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New 7th grade Assistant Principal, Mr. Roderick Mason

Dear Heritage Middle School Students, Parents and Community members,

It is an honor to introduce myself as the new 7th grade Assistant Principal of Heritage Middle School and to join this extraordinary school community. I can assure you that I share in this school community’s commitment to caring for your children each and every day while providing them a world-class learning environment.  I have met with Mr. McCabe and Mrs. Light several times to make sure I am up to speed and can work towards a smooth transition. I look forward to starting my Heritage Middle School journey on February 3.  

I arrive to Heritage as a seasoned music teacher and middle school assistant principal, but in addition to my role as an educator, I am first and foremost a devoted father and husband. My oldest son, Jaylen is a freshman in high school and has not let the struggles of Autism or ADHD get in the way of his goal to be the best he can be!! Jaylen has earned honor roll since the third grade and wants to be an Engineer! My other three children keep me on my toes because they are all little😊 Ethan is 4, Skye is 3, and Landon is 1 year(s) of age. Every day, I get the wonderful honor of coming to a home that is filled with joy and laughter. My beautiful wife Elana, balances being a Pre-k educator, mother, and the best teammate a man could have! I look forward to introducing my family to the many wonderful people that call Heritage “home” in the near future.

This year will mark my 10th year in education since graduating from the prestigious campus of Fayetteville State University. Since then I have served communities in under-resourced schools in Fayetteville, Clinton, and Knightdale North Carolina. Although I have always felt at home in the classroom, it is in my position as a middle school assistant principal that provides me the chance to work collaboratively with teachers to create a space in our schools and classrooms where all students can walk in,  be their authentic selves and engage in a safe and challenging learning environment.

To our students, I cannot wait to meet and get to know you all! I hope that you are just as excited as I am for this opportunity for us to learn, grow, and set high expectations for each other. As you see me in the hallways, in your classrooms, at your games, concerts, lunchroom, etc. please feel free to say hello.

My three core values are honesty, dependability, and empowerment. I take pride in living into my values and I believe living into values are skill sets that make up Daring Leadership. Which means I do more than profess my values, I practice them. I am clear about what I believe and hold important, and I take care that my intentions, words, thoughts, and behaviors align with those beliefs.

Warm regards,

Roderick Mason