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Book Fair is coming

The Salem Middle School Book Fair will run from January 22-30 in our school library. The fair will be open daily from 7:45am to 3:00pm. Students are free to drop in on their way to class before school or during lunch. Each class will also have a scheduled visit during the fair. If you are interested in volunteering during the Book Fair, you can sign up here.


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Your child’s scheduled class visit will be on:
6-1 Supernovas -- Thursday, January 23
6-2 Galaxies -- Friday, January 24
6-3 Apollos -- Wednesday, January 22
6-4 Astronauts -- Tuesday, January 28
7-1 Zebras -- Wednesday, January 22
7-2 Lions -- Friday, January 24
7-3 Cheetahs -- Friday, January 24
7-4 Tigers -- Tuesday, January 28
8-1 Pathfinders -- Monday, January 27
8-2 Pioneers -- Monday, January 27
8-3 Explorers -- Thursday, January 23
8-4 Navigators -- Wednesday, January 29