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2017 AMC8 Math Competition Winners

Salem Middle School students participated in the American Math Competition Level 8 (AMC8) in November. The AMC 8 is a well-known mathematics contest for middle school students, including topics such as probability, estimation, percentages, spatial visualization, everyday applications, and reading and interpreting graphs. First, second and third place winners are recognized in a school wide competition and on each grade level. Our school wide first place winners will also be recognized for scoring in the top 5% nationally.
2017 AMC 8 Math Competition School Winners include*:
1st Place: Nathan Battle (8-3), Kyler Froning (8-3), Jonathan Song (8-1)
2nd Place: Walker McDonald (8-1), Kaya Li (6-4)
3rd Place: Ananya Bhatia (8-1), Gowtham Tharmar (8-1)
Nathan Battle, Kyler Froning, Jonathan Song, and Walker McDonald are among Salem Middle students who will be awarded the AMC8 Honor Roll for being in the top 5% nationally.
7th Grade Level winners include*:
1st Place: Sanjit Sriram (7-4)
2nd Place*:
3rd Place*: Aaron Scott (7-1)
6th Grade Level Winners include*:
1st Place: Kaya Li (6-4)
2nd Place: Kevin Wang (6-1)
3rd Place: Grace Teborek (6-4)
Kaya Li and Kevan Wang will receive a national achievement award for scoring above 15 correct as a 6th grader. 
*some winners not listed for privacy