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Family Letter

APTT Our Second APTT sessions will be held on Thursday November 3rd​ for all K-2 Families and November 17th ​for all 3-5 Families. Both session nights will be held from 5:30-6:45 with student drop off at the Gym for all. Families please remember:
● Each student needs an adult representative at the APTT sessions.
● It is crucial that you attend all three sessions for each of your children throughout the school year.
● If you are bringing your child(ren) please plan to drop them off by 5:25 so you can be seated in your classroom by 5:30.
● Interpreters will be available.
● This is a no-excuse event. The number one person who will help your child graduate is you! I challenge every parent who attended the first session (over 70% of all families) to call up and bring with you a parent that didn’t attend. We are a community and some of us need to give the shoulder push to others! If you don’t know of a family and would like to support ask your teacher for a name to call and invite.
Website Updates Please visit our website The site is being updated frequently with new information. There you can find ways to contact teachers, read school messages, keep up with our PTA and School Events and much more.
Bus Riders Our students have had great bus behavior for the 1st quarter! Have a conversation with them about their role as a safe bus rider to and from Lockhart! With your help our 2nd quarter will be just as successful!
Talking points:
1. Stay seated
2. Use inside voices
3. Keep hands and feet to yourself
4. No electronic devices
Volunteer Registration- Final Call October 31st All continuing volunteers that were approved last year have until 10/31 to reactivate their account for the 2016-2017 school year. Any approved volunteers from last year who do not register by 10/31 will have to resubmit their entire application and have a 3-5 week waiting process to be cleared. No exceptions will be made for school volunteer participation. Please stop by our school (or any WCPSS school) and reactivate your account today. New Families who want to volunteer/chaperone must register as soon as possible. The turn around rate for new applicants is 3-5 weeks.
Mr. Zoller