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OCE Family Marathon 2023


Please join us this year for a longtime favorite tradition, the OCE Family Marathon! Families of K-5 graders will run/walk a total of 25 miles at home together, now through November, at a pace that is both fun and safe for their growing bodies. The final 1.2 miles of the marathon will be completed by the students at school, for a total of 26.2 miles! 


Students will have the opportunity to earn a Finisher Medal as they cross the finish line to celebrate their big accomplishment, while parents and community members cheer them on!


Registration: Opens Tuesday, AUGUST 15th, and will close Friday, SEPTEMBER 15th. You can register here.


Secure a Finisher Medal: Students MUST submit a signed and completed Training Sheet (found online) to their classroom teacher by the following date to secure a Finisher Medal at the finish line.



Tracks 2 & 4 - Wednesday, November 1st

Tracks 1 & 3 - Wednesday, November 8th


Final 1.2 Mile Run Day: All are welcome to come out to the school track to cheer on your runner as they finish the final 1.2 mile leg of the marathon during their scheduled run date listed below. For both dates, runners will meet in the gym beforehand to warm up at 2pm with the run beginning at 2:30.


Tracks 2 & 4 - Wednesday, November 8th

Tracks 1 & 3 - Wednesday, November 15th


This is a great opportunity for families to spend time together, improve their physical fitness, and enjoy time outdoors, all while working together towards a shared goal. Students can use the provided Reflection Sheet, to see that even on days when it seemed hard, they could do it! Remember, “It's kind of fun to do the impossible.”― Walt Disney


We encourage families to go to: to plan and create routes together, as well as to determine mileage if a GPS watch is unavailable for tracking. Students will develop critical thinking skills as they map out training routes, explore route elevations, and think about proper pacing in relation to distance and hills. 



Feel free to share your runner’s progress with the school community by submitting any photos under the OCE Facebook Family Marathon thread or by sending them to their teachers for it to be shared. It’s always fun to know you aren’t alone in your training journey! 


Questions, please contact Charissa Bruckman at