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We Need Your Help!

We need your help!  The 3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders at OCE are preparing to take their End of Grade Tests (EOG) for Reading, Math & 5th Grade Science.  Our testing coordinator, Ms. Angela Johnson, could really use some extra volunteers to help with this process.  Please read the description of what she needs assistance with below.
🚨IN ORDER TO VOLUNTEER YOU MUST HAVE A BRIEF TRAINING ABOUT TESTING PROTOCOLS & PROCEDURES.  If you were unable to make the in-person training and/or the virtual training, you are still able to help!
Also, this is a great chance for any of our K-2 families to get involved as well.  The more volunteers Ms. Johnson receives, means the fewer Instructional Assistants that will get pulled to assist in testing.


During the EOGs, we are in need of parent/guardian or family volunteers to help monitor the hallways in the building and the areas surrounding the outside cottages.  While volunteering to be a hallway/cottage monitor on EOG days, you would NOT be in a testing classroom, but outside the classroom helping with some of the following:
  • Escorting students to the restroom quietly
  • Informing our test coordinator (Ms. Angela Johnson) of a testing issue
  • Delivering messages from teachers testing to the main office via text or walkie talkie
  • Making sure students who are passing by are quiet and not disrupting the testing sessions


Ms. Johnson is also in need of parent/guardian or family volunteers to help Proctor the End of Grade Testing in a classroom or small group setting.
While volunteering to be a testing proctor, you would be in a testing classroom, helping with the following:
  • Monitoring students for questions or concerns they might have
  • Ensuring that all students are working quietly
  • Assisting the teacher/test administrator with any other additional needs
These jobs are extremely important in helping us maintain a secure and peaceful testing environment for all students.  The more volunteers we have, the fewer times we have to pull an Instructional Assistant or other Support Staff to help.  That means more time in their classroom supporting the younger students!
So even if you don’t have a child that is taking the 3rd, 4th or 5th Grade EOG (End of Grade Test) you can still help!
Please note: You must have WCPSS volunteer clearance completed before you are able to volunteer.  You can complete the online clearance application and background check online at home using this link:
Thank you!
Angela Johnson, Testing Coordinator