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PTA Childhood Cancer Awareness Week 9/10 - 9/14

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. 

For one week in September, our school acknowledges childhood cancer in an effort to raise awareness and supports our local hospitals that treat children with cancer by collecting small items for the tiny patients and their families receiving treatment for cancer.  All activities are of course VOLUNTARY. 

This year, awareness week is September 10 – 14. 

Monday:  Students will wear a silicon bracelet acknowledging that September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  Teachers will hand the bracelets out that morning and students may keep them.

Tuesday:  Students will bring spare change in to donate to our local wish granting organization MegSmile Foundation ( , started in honor of HRE alum Meg Wasley who passed away in January 2011 of brain cancer.  The past 2 years we have collected over $1000 in donations….one year just shy of $2000.  Since its inception in the spring of 2011, Megsmile has put a smile on about 255 local faces of kids with cancer and other serious, life threatening illnesses.  Collection buckets will be in the lobby that morning and someone will greet the kids as they bring in their change.

Wednesday:  Students will bring in a small toy or treasure box type of toy to donate to Duke and UNC Pediatric Oncology Departments.  Things like small Lego sets, match box cars, plastic Disney characters, small dolls, and Playdoh or Dollar Store toys are greatly appreciated.  Donation boxes will be in the lobby for the toys.

Thursday:  Students in Grades K-2 will bring in a package of individually wrapped snacks.  Things like granola bars, crackers, potato chips, gummy snacks, or cookies are great.  Students in grades 3-5 will bring in a $5.00 gift card to either Target or Walmart.  Again, a PTA representative will be in the lobby that morning with collection boxes. 

Friday:  Let’s go crazy with the gold/yellow clothing and accessories on this day.  Students are encouraged to dress from head to toe in either gold or yellow clothing in honor/awareness of childhood cancer.