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Parents Eating Lunch at School

We are so excited to announce that parents will be allowed to come and eat lunch occasionally with their child starting next Monday, April 17th! We have new guidelines to ensure safety and security for our school community during lunch time. 

  • Parents should notify their child’s teacher at least 24 hours in advance that they would like to come eat lunch with their child.  Teachers will then notify the front office of the upcoming lunch visit.

  • The adult having lunch should be on the child's locator card or parents must provide written approval.  

  • All lunch visitors must sign in, show ID, and get a visitor sticker. Parents will then go straight to the cafeteria. 

  • There is a designated table for parents and their child to eat lunch together.  PTA is also purchasing a picnic table to provide another table option..  Lunch visitors will not be sitting with classes and will not be taking friends to the designated table. 

  • After  lunch, visitors/parents will return to the office to sign out.  Parents/visitors will not be  able to go back to the classroom or visit other classes.