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Read Across America Week

Read Across America is Feb. 27th -March 3rd. Sycamore will celebrate “Just GLOW and Read!"

If you are on Twitter, tweet your pictures throughout the week!

@sycamorecreekes and @mrs.lyons@crocsandnoble!  #readacrossamerica

Monday:  Let’s Get GLOWING!

How can you show off your enthusiasm for our GLOWING year?  Wear your favorite fluorescent clothing and accessories.


Tuesday:  Trivia Tuesday   

Knowledge is POWER!  Can you WEAR or pocket at least one trivia question & answer (about animals, sports, food, movies…)?  Older friends might even create a Google Slide to share. Share your knowledge throughout the day!


Wednesday:  Word of the Day

Everyone is a teacher!  Pick an interesting word you want to teach to others.  Wear your “Word of the Day” AND definition to share with as many Crocs as possible!  How many new words can you learn?


Thursday:  Twinning Thursday 

Your class will collaborate and vote for their class theme for this day.  Stay tuned for your teacher’s email with their dress theme for the day.


Favorite Character Friday 

Dress like your favorite book character!  The character should be from a book or book made into a movie. Can you record and share yourself doing a booktalk/review on your book? No costume masks please.