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2.19.21 Messenger


Good Afternoon, Green Hope Families!

Here is some important information for next week:



Feb 22: Cohort C (3) returns to in-person learning on campus.

Feb 23: ACT, on campus, all Juniors. Feb 23 is a Falcon Flex Day due to the ACT. 

We anticipate that the ACT will end around 12:15pm. Students will be able to go home by bus, carpool or their own vehicles at the end of the ACT. Only Juniors will be on campus during the ACT.

Feb 23 & 24: Falcon Flex Days. Asynchronous.  Dates have changed: Falcon Flex Days .

March 10-11: Access testing (50 students, students will receive individual contact about this test)

March 23: ACT Make Up Day

March 24: PreACT (all sophomores will test on this remote learning day); no other students will come on campus

Mar 29: Spring Break begins.

April 14: EOC and CTE make up day

April 28: PreACT Make Up day

May 5: Workkeys Testing Session (CTE students)

May 26: Workkeys Testing Session (CTE students)


June 4-10: Final Exams.

June 10: Graduation.  We’ll share details as we come closer to the date.

WCPSS Calendar



Yearbook Info: New!

Here’s an important Yearbook note for you. 

  • Did you know that this year's book will cover the WHOLE school year? That's right, from our First Day of School all the way through 2021 Graduation!  Get yours here while you still can.

  • Be sure to follow us on social media!




Please enjoy this orientation video!

Here’s some important info for parents whose students on Blended Cohorts (A/1, B/2, C/3) are returning to in-person learning.  Cohort B will return on Feb 17.

We’ve made every effort to make our students and staff safe, including:

  • Setting up classrooms for social distancing.

  • Ensuring that cohort sizes are as small as possible.

  • Ensuring that classrooms will be sanitized between class periods.


Before Coming Back In-Person

Transportation Reminders

Bus riders are required to submit a one-time attestation form stating that they will abide by all health and safety protocols. Forms can be found at Riders who have already successfully submitted this form do not need to submit it again. We ask that students follow all safety guidelines, including wearing a face covering the entire time they are on the bus. Bus route information can be found at

The Return Student Accountability and Required Health Protocols form must be signed and returned. Click here for more info  This form is required for students returning to in-person learning. Students on Cohorts A, B, C must submit signed copies of the accountability form by February 12th. Forms may be emailed to Ms. Scelsi ( :  Link to signature page  Families can drop the form off at school as well.

The Health Attestation Form, signed by a parent or guardian, is required before a student may be assigned a seat on the school bus.

We’ll continue to follow Spring Bell Schedule  whether we’re in-person or at home.


Required COVID Protocols Once On Campus

Students who fail to follow these protocols will be moved to Virtual Academy.

Students will be health screened upon arrival at school.  Carpool students will report to the carpool entrance.  Bus riders and student drivers will report to the main entrance. Screening begins at 6:45am.

  • Student drivers must report directly to be health screened upon arrival on campus.  Remaining in vehicles once on campus is prohibited. 

  • Students who will be driving to campus must turn in the required forms.  Please visit for more information.

  • Upon entering the building, students will report directly to 1st period.  Staff will be available to assist students find classrooms as needed.

  • All students and staff will be required to wear a face covering at all times inside the school and on school grounds, including outside, traveling on the bus, even when 6 ft or more apart from other individuals.  The face covering must be secured safely over the nose, mouth and under the chin.

  • All students and staff will regularly wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer when soap is not readily available. 

  • We recommend that students bring a water bottle.  Students are not drinking directly from water fountains.

  • Classrooms are arranged for students to be socially distanced and face in one direction.  Students will not get up and move around during class. They will not share materials.  School laptops are available for students who need them and will be sanitized between users.  Teachers will also maintain social distancing.

  • Students will move in a timely manner to their next class between classes.  COVID protocols do not permit socializing in halls or common spaces.  

  • Upon dismissal, students will report directly to buses and vehicles and depart from campus in a timely manner, continuing to maintain social distancing.

  • Students who exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 will be escorted to the Care Center where they will remain until their parents are contacted to take them home.  Siblings of those students will also be directed to go home. This form which we’ll give you if your child is escorted to the Care Center has more info.


Lunch Info

  • Students may choose to bring lunch or may order from our free lunch menu.  Lunch from the cafeteria will be delivered directly to students’ classrooms.  

  • Students are not allowed to receive vendor deliveries on campus, including lunch deliveries.

  • If a student forgets to bring their lunch, they’re welcome to order from the cafeteria during first period.

  • There is no charge for breakfast or lunch this school year.  Here’s this week’s Feb 22-26 Breakfast and Lunch Menu.


Eating and Drinking Guidelines While On Campus:

Students will be eating lunch in classrooms for the remainder of the school year.  There will be no off-campus lunch.

  • Students must be socially distanced at least 6 feet from others when removing their face covering to eat or drink.

  • Individuals should not walk or stand within 6 feet of anyone who has their face covering removed. 

  • All individuals should leave their face coverings on until everyone in their area is seated with food packages open and ready to eat. Then everyone should remove their face coverings at the same time. Individuals should replace their face coverings as soon as they are done eating.

  • The eating time will only be long enough to allow students to consume their food without socializing.





Senior Cap and Gown Info

We will have a graduation ceremony! You’re going to want that cap and gown!  If you haven’t ordered a cap and gown from Jostens at this point you have missed the first order deadline. If you’re planning to use an older sibling’s gown, you still need your tassel for 2020-21.  Please call Jostens at 919-789-8500 to order this. 


Senior Fee Info

Seniors also have a separate $50 fee to cover their stole, diploma, diploma cover, senior social, awards and graduation program. The link to pay senior fees is here GHHS Senior Fees.

Attention Seniors: Mid-Year Reports and Transcripts:

Please click here for instructions for submitting mid-year reports and/or mid-year transcripts.  Seniors may start requesting their mid-year transcripts on or after February 12.  Please note that counselors will start processing mid-year report requests after February 12. 





Green Hope Students in Second Semester AP Classes:

Green Hope students who are currently enrolled in second semester AP courses have received information through their AP teachers on how to "join" their AP courses in College Board and access AP material.  Please note that students will automatically be registered to take the AP exam for each course they "join" in College Board this school year, and students must use their College Board account to complete this process for second semester AP courses by Thursday, February 25th.  Please note that CollegeBoard may not be able to accommodate AP exam requests made after that date.  AP teachers may assist students in completing this step.  

Please review the information here that students received in their second semester AP classes.


Student Appointments with Counselors:

Students - Please click here for information on how to sign up for an appointment to meet with your assigned counselor. 

Ms. Merry and Ms. O'Neil are currently on leave.  Here are our current counselor assignments.

Attention Seniors: Mid-Year Reports and Transcripts:

Please click here for instructions for submitting mid-year reports and/or mid-year transcripts.  Seniors may start requesting their mid-year transcripts on or after February 12.  Please note that counselors will start processing mid-year report requests after February 12.


Financial Aid Advisor

Parents/Guardians and/or Students may schedule virtual appointments to meet with our Financial Aid Advisor, Ms. Brannan can assist with all things financial aid, including scholarship search information, FAFSA completion and FAFSA verification process, understanding the Student Award Letter, college loans, and other ways to pay for community college, vocational schools, and universities.  Please use the following link to schedule an appointment to meet with Ms. Brannan: . You may email her at: if you have any questions. individual appointments are regularly available on Mon-Wed from 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.  You may register for a conference on the Sign-Up Genius link provided below.  If these hours do not work, you are welcome to email her directly for other appointment options at    

How to Schedule a Conference:  Register for your Financial Aid Appointment at the following Sign-Up Genius link:

Cost:   FREE!!! The financial aid advisor conferences are free to our students/families and are conducted remotely online through WCPSS Google Meet. 

College Representatives (Virtual Opportunities)

Juniors and Seniors:

Please visit the Student Services Website: 


 to sign up for Virtual Meetings with College Representatives.  Virtual Meetings will be posted one week at a time, and registration closes at noon the Friday prior to the event.  If you have questions please contact Angie Murrane: 




Freshman Class Virtual Activities

Freshman Student Council Presents Game Nights!  Freshman can join us every other week on Wednesdays @7pm.  Each night we will be playing a different online game.  We will also be taking suggestions for games if students have any! A sign up google doc will be posted about a week before the game night. All game night details will be posted on the Official Class of 2024 Instagram (@ghhsclassof24) and on the Freshman Class of 2024 Google Classroom!


Our first game night started February 3rd @7pm! Link to sign up is  For more information on the events please view this google document: Click here for more Info





Driver’s Ed Info

Info on next registration for classes, etc. here.

Math Tutoring Center

The Virtual Math Tutoring Center is now available! See this link for details: 


Dr Camille Hedrick, Principal 

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