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Rising 9th Graders

REAPPLY FOR BUS TRANSPORTATION: 8th grade parents must reapply for a bus before the start of the new school year for their rising 9th graders. If parents do not reapply, their child may not have bus transportation assigned when the school year starts. This is important to ensure transportation is in place at the beginning of the school year. This also applies to all rising 6th graders. Click Reapplying for a Bus for directions on how to reapply.



GREAT OPPORTUNITY - Rising 9th Graders: Are you interested in a career as a health professional or veterinarian? East Wake High School is offering a new career academy that will offer pre-med and pre-veterinary courses. Students will also have the opportunity to apply for internships or work experiences through this academy. Applications for the East Wake High School Academy of Life Sciences are due May 1st. Click here for more information and access to the application

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