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Driver's Education Update

Please know that SUMMER REGISTRATION is currently CLOSED for Driver Education Summer 2022 courses. WE ARE NOT TAKING ANY REGISTRATION FORMS FOR FALL 2022. Students who have submitted forms during previous registration periods but did not receive an assignment will need to resubmit a registration form. Students who have received a class assignment confirmation email should make payments by the deadline date in the confirmation email; Please review the class assignment email for payment procedures. Visit for information on Fall 2022 registration; registration information should be posted between late August and early September.


Behind The Wheel training has seen a substantial decline in the wait time for students. We are down from 26 weeks to 8 - 12 week wait from the completion date of your class portion of the course. We are currently contacting and driving students from March 2022 class in order of oldest to youngest students. The current wait time for Behind The Wheel instruction at Athens Drive is 10 - 14 weeks once a student completes the classroom portion of the course. Please know that students and/or their parents/guardians may select to use Private Driving Schools if you prefer. If this is your decision, please visit to start the process.