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Information for Families of Rising 9th Graders (Private/Charter/Out of State) 

Information for Families of Rising 9th Graders (Private/Charter/Out of State) 


Thank you for your interest in Athens Drive Magnet High School! We are excited to know that you are thinking of joining the Jaguar Family. Here are some important things you need to know if you are coming from a Private or Charter School, Home School, or from outside of North Carolina. Please read all information thoroughly to be sure you have a full understanding of the process!  


  • Informational Meeting:  

Athens Drive Magnet High School hosted a Curriculum Fair & Open House on February 24th   On this document, you will see a link to the Rising 9th Grade Meeting Recording (as well as other grade levels and content areas, should you need them). You can find a plethora of other information on the Course Registration page of our website.   


  • Enrollment:  

Many of you may be anxious to select classes for next school year. While this is an extremely important process, course selection is not equivalent to enrollment. Enrollment is what secures a student’s position at Athens. A student is not considered an Athens Student until enrollment is completed. You will have an opportunity to select classes with our Dean of Students after enrollment has been completed. 


Enrollment through WCPSS is done through our online platform, InfoSnap . Families should create an account and follow the instructions. The Enrollment page of the Student Services Website has helpful information on how to enroll. All required documentation is listed there and should be uploaded.  


At Athens, our enrollment process is handled by our Registrar, Mrs. Patrice Sidney. If after viewing the Enrollment page of our website and the InfoSnap website, you still have questions about enrollment, you may contact her via email at  


Upon completion of enrollment via InfoSnap, you must reach out to us via our enrollment email at Once our office verifies that everything has been completed, you will receive information on how to schedule an appointment to select classes.  


IMPORTANT NOTE​: Families cannot schedule an appointment to select classes with our Dean of Students until they have completed enrollment for the 22-23 school year. Before scheduling an appointment, you must verify your enrollment is complete by contacting Ms. Sidney at . If you have scheduled an appointment and have not completed enrollment, your appointment will need to be rescheduled for a later date.  Spring appointments are only for students coming from Private, Charter, or Homeschool, or for students coming from outside of North Carolina. These appointments will be held between April 18th and April 29th , Monday through Fridays, from 8AM to 2:30 pm. Questions about the appointment process can be directed to our Dean of Students, Ms. Jasmine Pearson, at

Thank you for your attention to this information and for your patience during this process. Rest assured we will do our best to accommodate the class requests of students as much as possible. 

Please let us know if you have any questions. We are happy to help and excited to welcome the Class of 2026!