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4th Quarter Plan A or VA Options

4th Quarter Preference Survey 

Dear Wakefield Middle School Families,

On Monday evening the WCPSS School Board voted to transition all secondary schools into Plan A for ALL students not enrolled in the Virtual Academy.  This will occur after Spring Break, no later than April 19th.  Wakefield Middle School’s start date will be determined by the number of students who elect to move to the Virtual Academy or to daily in-person learning and the potential schedule changes that could accompany those selections.

Please note that ALL families may choose to remain in their current learning environment (virtual or in-person), move from the Virtual Academy to Plan A or move from Plan A to the Virtual Academy.  We ask that every WMS family complete this 4th Quarter Preference Survey no later than Saturday, March 27th indicating their preference.  Please complete a separate survey for each child that attends WMS.  Although families ultimately have until April 1st to indicate their preference, the sooner we have this information, the quicker we can determine the amount of potential schedule changes that may be necessary and the sooner we can begin in Plan A. 

Please be aware that there is a chance that all students experience some changes to their schedules.  Although we will strive to limit disruptions to students' schedules, based on the number of requests to change to or from the Virtual Academy, some schedule changes may be inevitable.

Our instructional goal for the 4th quarter is to have most classes be only in-person or only virtual.  However, there will be times when classes will remain hybrid, meaning the teacher is teaching both in-person and remote students at the same time.  This may occur when there is only one teacher for that specific class (i.e. – Band, Drama, etc.) or if it is necessary in order to provide a safe learning environment.  Students who have been enrolled in Plan B but only attending remotely, should not expect to be able to continue this practice.  Students should choose to attend daily in Plan A or move to the Virtual Academy.

If you have specific questions regarding your choice, please email your grade level administrator.  I will send an updated timeline and projected start date after survey responses are received.  Please note that any students with IEPs or 504 Plans are eligible to begin daily in-person instruction on April 8th, the first instructional day after Spring Break.

In order to stay informed regarding Plan A, please read the description provided by WCPSS.

Plan A is “Minimal Social Distancing,” but still requires NC Department of Health and Human Services protocols: 

  • Social distancing protocols to the extent possible and as practicable;
  • Cloth face coverings;
  • Cleaning and hygiene protocols;
  • Protecting vulnerable populations;
  • Conducting regular screening and ongoing self-monitoring of symptoms; and
  • Appropriate steps to address suspected, presumptive or confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Parents and students who are considering a return to Plan A should keep in mind that school will remain different in many ways than before the pandemic. Schools will do their best to provide the social experiences many students and staff members miss, but the guidelines mentioned above require us to operate under restrictions not necessary before the pandemic. Socializing, such as gathering before and after school and at lunch, will be very different, for example.