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Spring 2021 Semester FAQ

When does semester 2 begin?

    -January 20th

I am switching from the Virtual Academy to In-Person Learning OR from In-Person Learning into the Virtual Academy:

    -When will I get an updated schedule? Your counselor will email your WCPSS SCHOOL EMAIL account with your updated classes between January 13th and 15th.

    -How do I find out my cohort? Your parent should have gotten an email with your cohort information. If they did not, please email your counselor. 


How do I find my semester 2 elective?

- Check out Powerschool

-Check your email for new Google Classroom invitations on January 19th.

              -If you would like a hardcopy of your schedule, email your counselor.


I want to change my Spring Semester elective, how do I do that?

     -Complete the Elective Request Form by Thursday, January 21. Your counselor will see if the switch is possible. Please know that this year, schedule changes are extremely difficult to fulfill due to the class size requirements and Virtual Academy classes. We want you to take classes that you enjoy, but know that the change may not be possible. We will email the decision to your student email account as well as the parent email indicated on the Google Form. 


Will the first day of the new semester be an A or B day?

      -A Day. 

Will there still be Asynchronous days through semester 2?  

       -Yes! Asynchronous days are scheduled for: 2/3 - A,  2/24 - B , 3/10 - B, 3/11 - A, 4/14 - A , 5/5 - B, 5/26-B. These days may be adjusted at any point for inclement weather.


All questions can be directed to your grade level counselor:

6th grade: Dr. Harper,

7th grade: Ms. Cox,

8th grade: Mrs. Furr,