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Parent Communication and Cohorts

All Plan B Cohort information was sent to families last week.  Emails received on Friday contained the correct cohort information for Wakefield Middle School students.  If any parents/guardians of students on Plan B did NOT receive an email, this is because one of the 3 factors below:

  1. We do not have an accurate email address in Powerschool.
  2. The parent/guardian is not signed up to receive communication through SchoolMessenger.
  3. The parent/guardian has opted out of receiving emails and only receives text messages through SchoolMessenger.  


If you did NOT receive an email regarding your child's cohort, PLEASE contact your grade level administrator or counselor.  She or he can inform you of your student's cohort assignment and support you to receive emails in the future.  Receiving emails through School Messenger is critical for consistent communication.  Thank you!

6th Grade 

  • AP - Annette Stegner (
  • Counselor - Dr. Elaine Harper (

7th Grade

  • AP - Mary Ciffone-Baker (
  • Counselor - Christine Cox (

8th Grade

  • AP - Jerry Griffith (
  • Counselor - Meredith Furr (