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Spring Book Fair

 We will have our in-person book fair from February 26th through March 1st. Each class will come to preview one time and buy one time.  Those dates and times will be posted on class dojo once teachers have signed up.  Please note, that the book fair will be charging tax.
  Family Night is Thursday, February 29th, from 5-7 and coincides with Math Night. If you prefer to shop online, it will be active from February 23rd until March 7th. All books will be delivered to your address. The online shopping can be found here
That link also allows those parents who would prefer not to send cash or checks to school to set up an ewallet for your student for in-person shopping. An ewallet works like a gift card. Your student can use the ewallet to checkout and will not need cash or a check. However, like a gift card, once the money is added, it cannot be refunded if it is not spent. According to scholastic, it will be there for the next book fair, but again, it will not be refunded. We may change book fair vendors next school year, so if you are using ewallet, please try to spend everything this fair. Cash, credit cards, and checks (made out to Rand Road PTA) are, of course, still accepted.