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June Family Book Club: 3 Books to End the Year


Our family book club is back again this school year.  Each month, the Family Engagement Committee will be sharing a thematically appropriate book, read by a staff member or student, for your family to enjoy together.  After you have listened to the book, there will be various crafts, science experiments, or recipes related to the book for your family to try.  We hope you enjoy this activity.  This month, since we missed a few, we are featuring 3 books.


Book- Freedom in Congo Square

read by 5th grade student Imani London.


Family Discussion Guide

Bongo Drum Craft


Book - Memoirs of a Hamster

read by 5th grade student Ella Fisher


Diary Writing Family Fun

Build a Hamster

H is for Hamster (K-2)


Book - The Tree Lady

read by 5th grade student Erinma Okpara


Spring Tree Paintings 

Spring Tree Crafts

Chlorophyll Painting