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Remote Learning Resources

Many teachers have been in contact with families and have provided information, ideas and activities.  These are some additional resources for our Rand community.

  • The county has provided us with remote learning resources. They are for the whole county and so use resources available to every student in WCPSS.  Many of the resources are located in students' wake id portals.  All of our students have logged in to their portal many times at school, but if your child cannot remember his/her username or password or is having difficulty please contact his/her teacher, Ms. Tronic, or Mrs. Ragano  We will be happy to help you.
  • Information about free meals for students can be found here.
  • The media center website has many websites for students and families arranged by topic.  Ms. Tronic changes and adds to this list as she finds new resources. 
  • Our students also have access to BrainPop(mainly for 4-5) and BrainPopJr(K-3) in their portal as we pay for this as a school.  This is a fabulous resource that consists of short engaging videos, quizzes, games, further activities, creative coding, make a map, and make a movie in BrainPop.   Students can watch a movie and then create a map to show what they learned, like the life cycle of a frog after watching the BrainPopJr frog video, or code about what they learned like a conversation between King George III and the colonists after watching The Causes of the American Revolution in BrainPop.  If you would like more ideas on using this, please email Ms. Tronic or ask your child's teacher.
  • We have created a technology help page for parents.  We will be adding to it as we create more how tos.