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LRMS Spring Sports Sign Up!

Leesville Road Middle School will be hosting Hilburn for Spring Sports. The team will not be traveling to other schools, but will stay at LRMS and provide skill development for students. 

There are number limitations and LRMS will try to accomodate grade 7 and grade 8 first, then open up to grade 6 after if there is room.  This affects mostly indoor sports such as basketball and cheerleading.  Grade 6 if you sign up for basketball, wait until you read on this site to get a physical, but do NOT get one yet.  

Hilburn will be allowed to go to LRMS during your in school cohort days. Hilburn will follow the same covid protocols that VA students have to comply with before being allowed into our building and any practices which is to go through screening at our front entrance. You will also need to provide transportation to our school and home at 4:30 pm after practices. If you need bus transportation, indicate that on the sign up sheet.

If you had a physical and turned in paperwork last year (meaning you are in grade 8 this year), the physical page will be good for this year, but you will have to fill out the other new 4 pages from the 2020-21 Athletic Participation Forms. 


If you are new to athletics, then you will need to complete the entire package that is listed below. (Print the package and take the physical page to your Doctor for a physical then make sure that every page is fully completed with printed names and information along with all signatures, initials, and dates.) If the forms are not completely filled out in every sense of the word complete, you will not be allowed to stay for practice.