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#OtherSchoolsMatter Supply Drive


We are excited to put our awareness of #OtherPeopleMatter to work this year and are excited to start with efforts to support a school community impacted by Hurricane Florence.

As you know, Hurricane Florence hit the North Carolina Coast hard. In response to our coastal neighbors in need, Hilburn has adopted Bolivia Elementary. The Bolivia Elementary Bears were hit hard by the hurricane and have a long road to restoring their community. Bolivia, North Carolina is located in Brunswick County, about 15 miles from Wilmington. It is right on the coast. Over the next two weeks, we are organizing and collecting supplies for The Bolivia Elementary Bears.

Here are some supply donation ideas: 

Toiletries for Children:
Kid’s soap
Bubble bath
Children’s toothbrushes
Children’s Shampoo and Conditioner
Toiletries for adults:
Baby Products:
Baby powder
Baby Lotion
Baby Wash
Diaper Ointment
Larger diapers size 4 and 5
School Supplies for Children:
Juice Boxes
Coloring Books
Non-Perishable Snacks
Well-Being Supplies
Twin sheets and bedding for kids
Please feel free to bring your items in from October 7 - October 19.
Items will be delivered directly to Bolivia Elementary!
Up Next: #OtherPeopleMatter Food Drive coming in November/December 2018