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Class of 2024 Senior Picture Information

Class of 2024 Senior 

Photo Information!

Senior Photo Information and FAQ's by Ms. Nobles:

Senior Photos

Senior Portrait Information from Cady:

  • Cady Studios:

  • Raleigh studio opening for booking: 7/28/23
    Students can do their simple yearbook session which is the 1 yearbook, 1 cap & gown, and 1 casual photo for $29. (Unlike previous providers, we do the cap and gown now, thus avoiding an additional sitting fee in the spring).

    Students will have 3 tiers of photography sessions they can book from: Traditional, Most Popular, and Elite.

    The standard yearbook session at $29, lives in the Traditional category.
    **If any student requiring financial assistance wants to get a senior session but cannot monetarily, session vouchers are available. Please let the Studio know you are in need of one.

    Senior Roadshow "On-Campus Event": 10/27/23 $29
    Students can reserve their time slot for Oct 27th at > Seniors > Schedule My Photos. Under #4 “Schedule”, click Session Calendar, type in Apex High School and then also choose Apex High School as the location of their session.

    Senior Yearbook-Only : 12/6/23 No Charge
    Will be on campus and open to any final students who simply want a yearbook tux/drape photo ONLY.

    The yearbook only date is reserved for Apex High school on 12/6/23 from 8 am to 2 pm in the aux gym and the event will be a green screen(s) and tux/drape. It takes about 5-10 minutes tops and there is no cost for this event, so there is not a way to book or reserve online since CADY's website is tied to a payment system due to it being all digital.

    We will be pulling any Senior student who has not taken their yearbook photo for this December event and will do an in-house Sign-Up Genius closer to that date. We will absolutely ensure that all Seniors get their Yearbook photo!


    If your Senior is experiencing any hardship in getting their Senior portrait taken, I have been given some simple session vouchers (29$ value) that I can distribute if a need exists. Just email me at (Elaine Hofmann).

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out directly to Cady Photography. They are eager to make this a smooth transition and will quickly respond to your questions!