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Final Transcripts

Seniors - 

It is YOUR responsibility to request your final transcript based on the following:
  • IN-STATE: After June 26th, once transcripts are finalized, if you plan on attending a North Carolina school (including Wake Tech) YOU must request your final transcript via by logging into your CFNC account, clicking on ‘Applying to College’ then “Application Hub” then ‘Request a Transcript.’ The information listed on this screen MUST match what is in PowerSchool (if you have a middle name, then it is listed with your first name). Request your final IN-STATE transcripts this way regardless of how you applied to the school (CFNC, college website, and/or Common App). Questions, check out this video: 

  • OUT-OF-STATE: transcripts must be requested online via ScribOrder. Please use this link: IMPORTANT NOTE: Between June 22nd - June 28th, our Registrar will complete all requests received on or before June 28th.  Please ONLY request your transcript ONCE. Requests CANNOT be filled until NCDPI finalizes transcripts. Once requested, it will sit in queue until transcripts are finalized. After June 28th, your ScribOrder request will be received by WCPSS Central Records Office as you will no longer be a WCPSS student, so AHS will no longer have access to your transcript: .
Remember:  In-state, use CFNC; Out-of-state, use Scriborder