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10.20.22 Message from the Mine


Good Afternoon Lead Mine Families,


This is Principal Kehler with a non-emergency message regarding police presence on our campus. All students and staff are safe. Lead Mine called a code red lockdown this morning around 9:18am when an unidentified man was observed walking around outside our building. The students and staff immediately locked down securing all spaces in our building and WCPSS Security and law enforcement were contacted.


Please understand that in a code-red lockdown, the entire building is locked down. No one is allowed to enter or exit the building until an all-clear announcement is received from the police. 


Upon arriving on campus, the officers found a contractor who was on campus to complete inspections but failed to check in at the front office. The gentleman was not a threat to our students or staff.


Our students and staff did a great job following our safe and secure procedures. 


The lockdown lasted less than 20 minutes and our school returned to code green with normal operations around 9:40am. We did have teachers take time to allow the students to process, but know they may still have feelings related to what occurred.


If your Leopard arrives home and is in need of additional support, please feel free to reach out to the school and we will provide the necessary support.


Thank you for your continued support of our great school!


For the Love of Lead Mine,

Jena Wojdylo-Kehler, Principal