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Mr. Marcin's Message 11-5-18

Good Afternoon Lead Mine Families, 

We hope that this finds each of you well and warm. This cool weather has been a nice change and it has led to many discussions with our children about dressing appropriately for times that we are outside our homes, cars, and schools. We appreciate everyone ensuring that students are dressed warmly and ensuring that they have jackets, coats, etc. Please take a moment to label your child's jacket or coat with a sharpie marker in the case that it is left outside or somewhere else on our campus. Labeling these items on the tag with your last name is a great way to ensure that the item is returned to you or your child if it is ever mis-placed.
Our Leopard Laps Fun Run was a a HUGE success and we want to thank each of our families who participated in getting so many pledges and donations! The entire event was run by our amazing volunteers to ensure that 100% of the proceeds came directly back to our school. It was amazing to see our school community come together to do such an outstanding job giving back. 
Tuesday November 6, all WCPSS will operate on a 2-hour delay due to many schools (including Lead Mine) serving as polling stations. Our first bell will ring at 10:00 AM, the 5 minute awareness bell will ring at 10:25 AM and the instructional day will begin at 10:30 AM. Buses will pick up at their stops two hours later than normal. If your bus usually picks up at 7:30 AM, it will pick up at 9:30 AM on Tuesday 11/6/2018.
First Quarter report cards will be sent home on Friday, November 9th. Each child will receive scores ranging from 1 - 4 in each of their academic areas, as well as a work habits rating that ranges from 1-3. A level 1 score indicates that a student has not yet shown independent mastery of a grade level standard. A level 2 score indicates that a student may be able to show mastery/understanding with support from the teacher. A level 3 indicates that a student has demonstrated mastery/understanding with independence. A level 4 score indicates that students have demonstrated mastery and then independently extended the concept of the standard and applied it to other situations without support/direction from a teacher. 
Report cards are sent home in an envelope with a place for families to sign and return the envelope. By signing the envelope families are indicating that they have received their child's report card. Please note that there is a box on the envelope that families can check indicating that they are requesting a conference to discuss their child's progress. 
Individual classroom teachers will be setting up conferences during the months of October and November and may use another format for families to sign up for conferences, and the report card envelope serves as one other method for families to request a conference to discuss their child's progress. 

As always, if you have any questions - please reach out and ask. You can reach me at or 919-870-4120.

Thank you, 

Aaron Marcin

Lead Learner/Principal