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Mr. Marcin's Message 10-9-18

Good Morning Lead Mine Leaders and Learners,

What a fantastic few FULL weeks of school we have had recently . Thank you to everyone for working to
make every minute count this year as we have worked to keep everyone safe. As you may have heard it is our
goal to Be Safe, Be Kind, and Be a Leader each day at Lead Mine.
Last week during our Positivity Project Lessons - students learned and shared what it means to demonstrate
Open-Mindedness at school and throughout our lives. People who demonstrate high levels of OpenMindedness
are open to new ideas and trying new things. These people also examine things from all sides,
taking their time and typically do not jump to conclusions. Check in with you child to see what else they learned
during their week of Open-Mindedness.

We would like to thank all of our families who came out last Monday evening and attended our 2018 Open
House. We love inviting families into their child's classrooms being able to see what things look like on a regular
basis and to learn about the amazing classroom communities that are being built throughout the building every
day. We are working to develop a different structure for 2019 that will include being part of a demonstration
lesson at your child's grade level, participating in a morning meeting, etc. It is our goal that families experience
what a great experience your leopards are having each day at Lead Mine.
This past Saturday was Grounds Day at Lead Mine and what a difference our Parent Volunteers made on the
safety, appearance, and health of our school campus. We are so appreciative of the parents, students, grandparents,
and siblings who came out to move mulch, hedge bushes, trim trees, chip debris, edge sidewalks, and
make other improvements throughout our campus. We will have one more opportunity for families during our
2nd Grounds Day later this school year.

The Lead Mine birthday book giveaway is well underway and we are so excited to be able to provide this opportunity
to everyone. Lisa Genschel has been amazing in organizing the vision, selecting the books to purchase,
organizing and decorating the room, and being on campus every day this year to ensure that children are greeted
and given an opportunity to tour the birthday book room with a personalized tour. If you see Ms. Genschel on
or off campus, please thank her for her service to our students and school community.
Tuesday, October 16th is our 2018-2019 Math and Science Night. Families are invited to Lead Mine that evening
from 5:30 PM until 7:00 PM to go into classrooms of every grade level and engage in Science activities that
are aligned to the standards that are being presented to students in those assigned grade levels each day. This
experience is free flowing, when families arrive they begin their own self-guided experience tours and collect
punches in each classroom. Students who can turn in punch cards at the end of the event for a scientific 'takeaway'.
Our PTA is offering dinner for pre-sale for anyone interested, please look for the order form in the Leopard

Our 1st ever Leopard Laps Run is underway. Our PTA is working hard to ensure that 100% of their fundraising
efforts go directly to Lead Mine Elementary, and that we are encouraging students and families to participate
with meaningful incentives. I am looking forward to having lunch with lots of little leopards as we work to achieve
our fundraising goals.

Remember to follow us on Twitter to see so many of our fantastic students engaged in
dynamic learning experiences each day at Lead Mine. @Aaronmarcin and

We look forward to seeing you all soon,
Aaron Marcin, Lead Learner/Principal