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10/19/2020: Corrections to Details on Remote Learning Days

Updated 10/19/2020: 

The remote learning (asynchronous) learning day is intended to support both teachers and students in having sufficient time to fully engage and succeed in their work. This is not business as usual. With current health-related protocols, the simplest of actions require careful planning and preparation. Our teachers and staff are doing everything humanly possible to ensure a successful return of students.


Asynchronous Learning Days for Both Plan B and Virtual Academy Students

October 21

October 28 (This day was added after the original announcement.)

November 18


December 2

December 16 



Standard Remote Learning Days

In addition to the above asynchronous remote learning days, there are five remote learning days that are the same as we had to start this school year: approximately 2.5 hours of live instruction and 2.5 hours of asynchronous instruction. The dates for the these remote learning days are as follows:

November 3

November 23

November 24

December 21

December 22


We apologize for the changing information around remote learning days. Please check back for possible district updates to the dates mentioned above. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding.