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Procedures for Tuesday, March 17th


     Hello Wonderful Wendell Families,


     As you are aware, WCPSS leadership has directed all principals to open their buildings tomorrow, Tuesday, March 17th from the hours of 12:00pm to 5:00pm.  The only purpose of opening WES on Tuesday afternoon is to give our families the opportunity to pick up any needed personal items, including student medicine. 


     If you do choose to come to school tomorrow afternoon, here are the procedures that we'll follow:

     - The building will open promptly at 12:00pm and close promptly at 5:00pm.

     - Please ring the bell at the front of the building and wait to be buzzed in as usual.  Nobody will be admitted to the building through the back door by the bus loop.

     - Next, you'll come to the main office.  As WCPSS leadership has asked all principals to keep a log of who enters the building on Tuesday, please bring your ID and sign in using our automated system as usual.  Failure to produce a valid ID may result in your inability to collect your child's personal belongings and/or medicine.

     - The only two staff members who will be there to assist families on Tuesday are me and our lead secretary, Ms. Alain. 

     - If you need to go to your child's classroom to collect his/her personal items, you will be escorted to and from the classroom by either myself or Ms. Alain.

     - In order to comply with health regulations, there must be two WCPSS staff members present along with a parent/guardian when medications are counted and transferred to the control of the parent/guardian.  Therefore, if you need to pick up your child's medicine, both Ms. Alain and I will need to assist you.

     - Please consider the need to come to campus tomorrow.  With only me and Ms. Alain there to help, the potential for a long wait certainly exists.

     - While I can't mandate that you don't bring your child(ren) with you, please consider leaving them at home if you are able.  This may help facilitate faster item/medicine collection and help with social distancing.


     Thanks for your patience and flexibility as we navigate these uncharted waters.  




     Jack Zellmer

     Principal, Wendell Creative Arts and Science Magnet Elementary School