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May 15, 2024--Special Message




We just wanted to send a quick update regarding EOG tests.


Students in Grades 3rd-5th will take the EOG State Tests at the end of this school year.  Should your child meet the criteria for our EOG Remediation and Readministration program, you will receive an invitation for your child to attend the program after the EOG testing window closes for our school on June 6th. For your planning purposes, the program dates for the end of the school year for students to potentially retake an EOG test are June 13th and June 14th. Transportation will be provided, and breakfast and lunch will be available.


As shared previously, our EOG schedule at Combs is listed below:

Thursday, May 30th: 3rd and 4thReading 

Friday, May 31: 5th Science 

Monday, June 3: 3rd Math

Tuesday, June 4: 5th Reading 

Wednesday, June 5: 4th and 5th Math 


If you have specific questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me or your child's teacher.


Juley Sexton