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Special Message for April 2, 2024

A.B. Combs Families,


For those families that utilize carpool either in the morning or afternoon, we greatly appreciate your assistance in adhering to the expectations of our carpool system at Combs.


  1. When arriving on campus, please refrain from making U-turns in the streets to join the carpool line.  
  2. If you drop off your child for an early school activity such as library assistants, chorus, ball handling, etc, you MUST drop off students before 8am.  Otherwise, it is expected that you join the regular carpool line at the end of the line.
  3. When joining the carpool line in the afternoons, please join at the end of the carpool line.  If there are gaps in the line, please pull forward to fill in open spaces.  Please do not block crosswalk areas or driveways.
  4. School is dismissed at 3pm and all families have to be in line to pick up no later than 3:15.  We are consistently having children still waiting for rides after 3:30.  
  5. Exit the carpool line by turning right out of the campus.  There should be no left turns leaving campus.
  6. Follow the directions of the staff directing the carpool.  

Please feel free to visit our website for more information.


We appreciate your continued support to make our carpool run smoothly.  Students, staff, and your safety are our top priority.

Juley Sexton