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September 8, 2022

A.B. Combs families,

I am reaching out with a special message to remind families about expected carpool procedures. 

  • In the mornings, we do ask that families not park and walk their child into the school building.  All families that drive their child to school should drop off students within the carpool line.
  • Families should not turn left into the main entrance when joining the carpool line.  Families should join at the end of the carpool line. 
  • Adults are asked to remain in their vehicles when students are entering and exiting their vehicles.  This will help the carpool line run smoothly.
  • When leaving the campus, all cars should exit the campus by turning right onto Lorimer Road.  This will help us navigate cars and buses that enter our campus in a safe manner.
  • In the afternoons, families should be in the carpool line by 3pm.  Our staff have after school obligations at the end of the school day and appreciate your support in adhering to this time frame.

Once again, thank you for your support in helping us ensure smooth carpool procedures.

Juley Sexton