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Remote Learning Update - 5/22/20

Good afternoon East Garner Magnet Middle School Families, this is Jimmy Sposato, the proud principal of the Trojans calling with your Remote update. We are officially in the last three weeks of the year. Monday is Memorial Day - there will be no live sessions.


End of Year Activities:  We are scheduling our end of year closing activities and developing processes for item pick up and drop off. Students will not be invited into the building to retrieve items. Rather, we will clean out lockers and bag items for student pick up. We are requesting that school items, such as library books, novels, calculators be returned to the school. We are not asking for Chromebooks to be returned at this point except if a student is not returning to a WCPSS school. We will have scheduled times for families to drop items off and pick up items left at school via a drive thru process.  As of now, we will have item pick up/drop off for 6th grade on June 10, 7th grade on June 9th and 8th grade on June 8th. Exact times are still to be determined but will likely be in the late afternoon. Virtual team awards assemblies times will be posted next week as well. 


Yearbook: The Yearbook team is wrapping up the creation of the yearbook. Order information will come out next week.


2020-2021 School Calendars;

The Wake County Board of Education on Tuesday discussed school calendars for the 2020-21 school year based on new legislation approved by lawmakers in late April. Here is a copy of the  Proposed Traditional Calendar. The State has determined that all traditional calendar schools will start on August 17 and what that will look like...who knows… The new calendar includes 5 days of remote learning when students will be at home on line. Here are answers to some of the questions received since Tuesday's board meeting. You may visit our online forum to ask additional questions and provide feedback.


Important: Grading Guidelines

WCPSS has developed grading guidelines that align with NC State Board of Education revised grading policy and provided summaries of these guidelines with key dates, timelines and checklists. For year-long courses the final grade will be based on the average of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter. Students will receive a final grade of  PC-19 for averages above 60 and a WC-19 for averages below 60. Students can continue to improve 3rd quarter grades to improve averages. Access to view Final grades and 4th Quarter are being temporarily disabled as the grade calculation is not accurate. Final grades will be posted by June 5th. Please contact your child’s teacher with questions. Again, we appreciate your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times.

Grades 6-8  | Summary of GuidelinesFull Guidelines


We continue to complete plans for closing the school year, celebrating our 8th graders and having students turn in and pick up items. This will likely take place in June so please be patient.


Our participation is beginning to decline and I simply want to encourage you to keep pushing your kids to engage and work as much as possible. I know the grading plan does not motivate some students to work but it is all about the learning and preparation for next year. Thank you for your support!


Be safe. I miss you all!




Jimmy Sposato, Principal