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Remote Learning Update - 3/27/20

Good afternoon East Garner Magnet Middle School Families, this is Jimmy Sposato, the proud principal of the Trojans calling to touch base. I first want to thank all of our community members who work in the healthcare industry, police and fire, and who continue to keep groceries stores open and restaurants running.  Secondly, I hope your families are healthy and well. If you are needing any resources during this time please check out Wake Network of Care. It is an online one-stop resource directory which allows one to locate needed services and supports throughout Wake County: 

So much still unknown about our new normal. The State Board of Education announced changes today to grading and graduation requirements. Please know that we have been working to create a safe, equitable and effective remote learning experience for your kids. This has been quite a steep learning curve for us. Currently and through next week, teachers have been instructed to offer students opportunities to review, complete missing assignments and offer supplemental work. YOu can focus your effort towards the WCPSS Remote Learning Resource: To see a video in Spanish We have not launched any new material. We are still scheduled, at this point, to have spring break from April 6-10. Starting April 13, we will launch into a new phase of remote learning that will involve direct instruction of new material. Our goal is for this work to be clear, predictable and flexible. Our plan is for our website to be the launching point of this work as opposed to you getting individual notices from teachers. We will share more information as we approach the 13th.


Each one of you should have heard from your homeroom teacher, checking on your well-being and assessing your family readiness for remote learning. If you have not been contacted yet we ask that you complete the attached survey or visit our website. We only need one response per family.. The system is working to deliver additional meals to neighborhoods and provide additional resources to families who do not have internet access or computers. English  Spanish


Registration Update: Please visit the EGMMS student services website for information on how to register for your school courses.  The website is Please view the registration videos for your rising grade level and register for your middle school courses in Powerschool.  Rising 8th graders will register for high school courses. Contact your grade level school counselors for questions.

  • Grade 8 - Mrs. T. Hawkins at 
  • Grade 7 - Mrs. Caldwell at
  • Grade 6 - Ms. G. Hawkins at


March 30- April 3rd EGMMS will have a Virtual Spirit Week! 

  • Monday is Chill Day: Get comfy and post a pic of you reading a book, watching a movie, playing a game, or relaxing with your family!
  • Tuesday is Talent Day: Show us how talented you are! Sing, dance, paint, make a TicTok video, or cook something and let us see!
  • Wednesday is Wellness Day: Show us how you are being active by running, walking, doing yoga, riding a bike, or playing a sport. While social distancing
  • Thursday is Inspired Day: Post something that inspires you! It can be a book, quote, a song, or a poem, tell us why it inspires you!
  • Friday is Spirit Day: Represent your school! Show your school spirit by wearing your favorite EGMMS shirt, P.E shirt, Team shirt, or Blue and Yellow!

Please send in your spirit participation to your homeroom teacher! 


We have not had a single discipline issue at school in the last several weeks...but I am guessing there may have been a slight increase in discipline issues at home. God bless us all!


Be safe. I miss you all!




Jimmy Sposato, Principal