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Principal's Weekly Message

Good evening Middle Creek High School families, 


I hope you all had a great week and wonderful weekend. We were thrilled to receive our first cohort rotation of students last week and they did an excellent job acclimating to some of the new procedures. This week we are excited to continue the rotation schedule, and welcome our Cohort 3/C students!


To start, I have bulleted a few items at the top as specific reminders for our 3/C students for arrival tomorrow.

  • Turn down car and seat heaters as you enter campus for arrival screening. Last week we noticed that some students had high readings due to the heat in the car. Students must have a temperature below 100.4F in order to pass the health screening, and if a student gets a high reading, the family will have to pull to a waiting area to undergo a second attempt. After 3 high readings, the student will be sent home. Thank you for your help with this!

  • Have students review the room number for their classes. This will be the first time reporting to these rooms this semester, and it helps to know where they should be headed. We will have staff out and about to assist, but having a copy of their schedule written down or pulled up on their phone will help!


Below are several calendar announcements and reminders for all our students and families.


Calendar Information & Reminders:

Asynchronous & Remote Learning Days for February:

This is just a reminder that the following days are determined to be asynchronous or remote learning days for students.


February 23rd- This is a newly scheduled asynchronous day due to the school administration of the ACT. All Juniors (over 400 at MCHS) will be able to take this college entrance test on-campus February 23rd. Therefore, we will not be able to accommodate on-campus classes at the same time. All students will have access to asynchronous assignments that day, and if a teacher is not being used to administer a test, they will have the option of offering live sessions. 


The ACT will be administered to all Juniors on February 23. Use this link to find important information about test day.


February 24th- Asynchronous Learning Day for all WCPSS students. No live sessions.

Curriculum Night for 2021-2022- February 25th!

Our Curriculum Night this year will be virtual.  Please join us on February 25th to hear information about the registration process and department offerings at MCHS for the 2021-2022 school year.  A live session will be held at 6pm for Rising 9th graders and at 6:30pm for Rising 10th-12th graders, with a session in Spanish held at 7pm.    The link for the live session will be posted 2/25 on the MCHS website. If you cannot attend the live session, they will be recorded and posted the following day.  Videos from all departments will be released at 6:30 via the MCHS website.

Please check out the event flyer linked here for all of the details.  

Updated Daily Learning Schedule

In order to accommodate both Plan B (on-campus and remote students) and Virtual Academy students, we have made a few minor adjustments to our daily learning schedule times. See below for the link to the new times that will go into effect starting next week. The changes accommodate arrival, dismissal and other daily procedures needed for in-person instruction. Students will find out their lunch assignments from their 3 period teachers. 

Spring 2021 Daily Learning Schedules


Return of “Plan B” Students to Campus!

High school students will begin returning to campus on Plan B rotations starting the week of February 17th. (This does not impact students who are enrolled in the Virtual Academy.)  Students will come to campus following their assigned cohorts in 3 week rotations. Specific cohort assignments were emailed to students and can be viewed in the PS student and parent portals. We will be following the previously established rotation calendar for 3rd Quarter. For easy reference, I have provided the dates of each cohort’s first week on-campus below:

        February 17th- 19th- Cohort B

        February 22nd-26th- Cohort C

        March 1st-5th- Cohort A

*When your Plan B student is not on-campus, they will still be accessing remote learning for their classes (both live and asynchronous). If at any time, your Plan B students has to quarantine or cannot attend on-campus, they will still be able access the teacher assignments in google classroom, and any virtual “live” opportunities similar to other remote students. 

Plan B Return Guidelines:

The return of students is quickly approaching. Please make sure you and your student are up to date on all of the necessary procedures and safety protocols by thoroughly reviewing the MCHS document below.

MCHS Student Return Guidelines

Please remember that all students arriving on-campus need to complete the Student Accountability and Required Health Protocols. This can either be emailed to Ms. Costa-Cabral, or turned in to your first period teachers.(If you have already completed this form for first semester testing, you do not need to complete it again.)


Using bus transportation for 2nd Semester?:

Students who will be riding a bus to or from school during this second semester should be able to find bus stop information  via their powerschool portal under the “transportation” tab. If you have questions about where to find this, please contact Ms. Mercado in student services at

Also, prior to using WCPSS school buses for transportation, parents must complete the WCPSS attestation form linked below. (This form only needs to be completed one time. If you completed this already to come to campus for testing, then you do not need to complete it again for Second Semester.)

Parents of Bus Riders Must complete:



Pick-Up of Carpool or Student Parking Tags:

If you have been assigned a carpool or student parking tag, but have not picked it up yet, fear not. Student drivers who have still not picked up their tags, can park in the back of the student lot on the first day of their cohort and stop by the main office to get their tag to begin using Day 2.  For carpool families who have not picked up their official tags yet, you may create your own for Day 1 using  a piece of paper with your assigned number clearly displayed on the passenger side dash for dismissal. Then the staff working carpool on Day 1 of your cohort will get your assigned tag to you when you pick up your student. 

If you have not signed up or applied, but still need to, please complete the appropriate steps below:


Carpool for Second Semester?

If your student will be dropped off and/or picked up via carpool second semester, please provide information to our staff using the link below. 

Carpool Link


Student-Driver Parking Passes for Second Semester:

For Student Drivers:  The student parking application form for the spring semester is now  available on the Middle Creek website.  For Plan B, students will be required to register their cars, however there will be no fee/charge.   Follow the directions on the form to ensure that you will receive an assigned parking spot and acknowledge the rules and expectations.  Should WCPSS  return all students to campus (under plan A or without cohorts), all student drivers would undergo a second registration process, to get new spot assignments using prorated fees. 


Home Sporting Events will begin with tickets for household fans:

MCHS Athletics will begin charging for Athletic Events on Feb 1- Ticketing will be done via the GoFan app - We are only allowing home fans, and it must be the student athletes household family members only! The events for the week will go live on GoFan each Sunday for that week's games. Download the app and be ready to validate your tickets upon entry into MCHS events. You must show the purchase on your phone and validate the tickets at the front gate with MCHS staff present. 


Consider Joining the Stampede Club (MCHS Athletics Booster Club)!

Please join our MCHS Athletics Booster Club, The Stampede Club!  Membership not only gets you a season pass, it also helps maintain our athletic facilities and equipment for our athletes. With Athletics proceeding forward and most teams back on campus in one capacity or another at this time, we need to continue the support of our Mustang Teams! The Season pass does not allow the family more tickets or admission to events than is allowed per sport, but it does get those allowed in FREE entry! 

Here is the link to join:

Thank you for your attention to all of these items. We look forward to fantastic week with students on campus and a successful finish to February.


I hope you all have a great week!

Lacey Peckham, Principal