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Principal's Weekly Message

Good evening Middle Creek High School families, 

I hope you have all had a great weekend and enjoyed this wonderful weather.

We are headed into exam week, and this email has a few reminders and additional insights to help you feel as prepared as possible- especially if your student will be attending an in-person exam on campus at all this week. 

I have also continued to include information about the semester 2 plan B rotations, which was initially shared in my email last week. 

Thank you in advance for your attention and action to these items. 


Reminders &  Information for Testing:

Final Exams, Fall 2020- Schedule Information:

Below is the link to the schedule for this week’s exams. Reminder that students who have an EOC or CTE exam, that the exam must be taken on-campus, including for our Virtual Academy EOC classes. 


MCHS Exam Information & Schedule


Classes that do not have an EOC/CTE exam, will be giving teacher-made exams. Student performance on these teacher-made final exams can only benefit the student’s overall grade, not harm their grade. 


Transportation for testing:

Because all students will be undergoing a health screening in order to enter the campus, it is important that you plan a little extra time for your morning arrival. Student drivers will be screened out by the parking lot, bus riders in the normal bus loading loop, walkers near the 200 hall, and carpool students at the front of the school.  There should be no entrance or drop-off anywhere outside of these designated locations.  The earliest a student may be dropped off is 6:55am as there will not be sufficient staff to perform screening and receive students in the building. 


Please keep in mind that any student taking an exam on-campus will need to complete an  “Early Release” form in order to be dismissed earlier than 2:15 to carpool or their own vehicles after testing.  Without the pass/form, the student will be assigned to a supervised room to wait until the end of the official school day.  We have been informed that some of our bus routes will be picked up after testing has been completed (12:00ish) and will be delivered home earlier than normal. If you have a student on a Fuquay-Varina, Garner, or Holly Springs bus route, your student may be dropped off between 12:30-2:30.  Students on other routes or who do not have early release forms, will be supervised in a study hall setting until the dismissal time of 2:18pm. 


Bus rider form and stop information:

Students who will be riding a bus to or from school for their exam should now be able to view their bus stop information  via powerschool (or from an email sent to families via the WCPSS Transportation dept). If you have questions about where to find this, please contact Ms. Mercado in student services at

Also, prior to using WCPSS school buses for transportation this week, any students riding must complete the WCPSS attestation form linked below. (This form only needs to be completed one time, even if you are attending multiple days, or also attending for Plan B rotations for second semester.)


Parents of Bus Riders Must complete:


Student drivers may park in any open spot in the student lot during the week of testing, and should begin using their official/assigned parking spot for second semester.


Information for Second Semester:

Plan B Students & Return to School Information:

Middle Creek staff is excited to be welcoming our Plan B students back in the building for Semester 2! We are hard at work finalizing plans, logistics, and supporting documents so that you and your students can be as prepared as possible. Below we have link a “return to school” document with many details and procedures outlined.  This document contains overview information for most of the movement & safety protocols that students will follow, and will be updated as needed if a process or procedures needs to change.  Later this week, I will also share some videos created by our Digital Media and Student Government students to show you some of these procedures in action. 

MCHS Student Return Guidelines


We hope to have specific cohort information and additional procedural guidance finalized and to you  later this week. Stay tuned as it continues to solidify. We will also share details about second semester supply pick-up (and material return) that will occur on Tuesday, Jan 19th in an upcoming principal message. If your student has an exam on-campus this week, they are welcome to bring any items to return at that time.


Using bus transportation for 2nd Semester?:

Students who will be riding a bus to or from school for the second semester should be able to find bus stop information by 1/15/21  via their powerschool portal under the “transportation” tab. If you have questions about where to find this, please contact Ms. Mercado in student services at This information will not be available until late next week, so please do not be alarmed if you are not seeing it yet in powerschool.


Also, prior to using WCPSS school buses for transportation, parents must complete the WCPSS attestation form linked below. (This form only needs to be completed one time. If you completed this prior to coming on campus for testing, then you do not need to complete it again for Second Semester.)

Parents of Bus Riders Must complete:


Carpool for Second Semester?

If your student will be dropped off and/or picked up via carpool second semester, please provide information to our staff using the link below. In order to avoid crowding and congregating in the front circle each afternoon, we will be dismissing students in waves based on carpool numbers. We recognize this is something new for our students and families, but want to be as prepared and safe as possible from start to finish. Families will be assigned a carpool number that they should display in their cars at pick up, and we will get official tags to families via supply pick up or on the first day of their cohort. If time permits, we will contact families ahead of their assigned cohort to communicate their carpool number.

Carpool Request Form


Student-Driver Parking Passes for Second Semester:

For Student Drivers:  The student parking application form for the spring semester is now  available on the Middle Creek website.  For Plan B, students will be required to register their cars, however there will be no fee/charge.   Follow the directions on the form to ensure that you will receive an assigned parking spot and acknowledge the rules and expectations.  Seniors will have first priority, followed by juniors.  Sophomores will have the opportunity to get a parking spot depending on availability.   Should WCPSS  return all students to campus (under plan A or without cohorts), all student drivers would undergo a second registration process, to get new spot assignments using prorated fees. 


Thank you for your attention to these many, many details. 

We look forward to a successful exam week.

Have a great night!

Lacey Peckham, Principal