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Principal's Message- Summer Edition

Greetings Middle Creek High School families, 

This is Lacey Peckham, Principal of Middle Creek HS with another summer communication. The email is coming a little earlier this week, to try and keep you informed of time sensitive information.

Below I will continue to provide information to our families about the options for returning to school in the Fall, as well as answer a few of our frequently asked questions. I am also providing updates for Athletics and for our Senior Class 2021. Thank you for your attention to these details!

We will start with general information for all students, then end with Senior-specific information.


2020 Yearbooks--- Summer Distribution:

The 2020 Yearbooks have arrived!! Distribution of yearbooks occurred this week. However, if you were not able to make, we are offering a second pick up opportunity next WEDNESDAY, JULY 22ND FROM 9-12. Students/Parents may come anytime during that window and ring the bell at the main entrance to the school.  You must have a photo ID or a copy of the receipt in order to pick up a yearbook and no one may pick up someone else’s yearbook. 

**There are still extras, so if you come hoping to purchase a yearbook, you must have a check or money order payable to Herff Jones for 75.00, NO CASH.


Reopening Plan:

As of now, we will be operating under Plan B which has been approved by WCPSS Board of Education. All families should have received details about the plan last week, but just in case an overview is detailed below:

MCHS will be following the Plan B option WCPSS has publicized. August 17th will be the first day of school. Families will have the following options as it relates to school in the Fall:

  1. Participate in the Virtual Academy full time (Fall 2020 only or Fall 2020 and Spring 2021). Link to the information and application for this option: 

                   WCPSS Virtual Academy (Application Window is July 10th-20th)

  1. Participate in Face-to-Face Instruction on a rotation.

                I. Students will be assigned to 1 of the 3 cohorts.

               II. The district will provide the school and families with a student’s cohort assignment.

                       A.  During the first two weeks (orientation period) each cohort will come in the school on a 

                           particular day:

                                  1.  Cohort 1 – first 2 Mondays

                                  2. Cohort 2 – first 2 Wednesdays

                                  3. Cohort 3 – first 2 Fridays

                       B.  After the first two weeks, students will then come into the building for a week of in person

                            instruction for a week at a time.

                       C. While Cohort 1 is in the building for a week, Cohort 2 and 3 will be learning remotely. The 

                            following week Cohort 2 will be in the building for a week and Cohort 1 and 3 will be

                            learning remotely. The following week, Cohort 3 will be in the building while Cohort 1 and 

                            2 are learning remotely. The cycle will then start over. 


If you have not made your decision yet, and have questions about the Virtual Academy, I encourage you to attend the Virtual Academy Open House happening TODAY  from 5:30-6:30pm. using this link:

Link to the WCPSS Virtual Academy Open House

Also, below I have provided some frequently asked questions and responses that may be helpful in making your decision. Of course this is just a few, but we hope it is helpful for others in our school community.


Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Within the information about Virtual Academy it states that all high school students will be offered “required” courses for graduation. Does this mean AP classes will not be offered?

That is not correct. We are hoping to offer many AP courses.  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee every single one will be offered without knowing how many students will be in Virtual Academy, what they are requesting, and what staffing will look like. We will do everything we can to provide rigorous opportunities for our virtual academy students, using our MCHS teachers and teachers across the region.


Will the instructors of the Virtual academy be MCHS teachers, especially in AP courses? 

We hope so, but cannot guarantee it. Staffing is something that can always change, as teachers resign or move positions, and this situation is just another layer of that. However, we will start with trying to use MCHS staff first, then move to WCPSS teachers within our region. We will  continue to do our best to balance teacher workload and maintain fidelity to our school environment and the school offerings. 


If we are choosing Plan B (face to face & online), during the 2 week period a student is on the online track, will their instructors be available for either in person or virtual office hours to aid students not currently attending in person? 

During the 2 week online period teachers will be offering at least one live interactive-instructional session per week, per course.  This will offer students the chance to get questions answered or get some direct support/instruction. Teachers may also offer office hours at a set time each week (similar to what they would do in-person) where they will be available to answer questions virtually or via a “google meet”. 



As you probably know, the NCHSAA announced this week that the start of NCHSAA fall sports is delayed until at least September 1. 

*The first five (5) student days of the 2020-2021 school year will be designated as a “dead period” for ALL sports, allowing school staff to focus on the start of school.



Rising Senior Class 2020-2021 Information:

Mid-Year Graduation & Senior Schedule  Information:

We are still accepting forms for Seniors who would like to graduate Mid Year and/or have Early Release-Late Arrival.  Please click on the link below to download either of these forms.  Completed forms can be emailed to Mrs. Gillespie at  If you are unable to print, please email Mrs. Gillespie with your request and state that you agree to the statements on the forms and provide the needed information and we can use your email confirmation in lieu of the form.  Please email Mrs. Gillespie with any questions.  

Link to Forms


Vaccine Requirement for Rising Seniors!

For the 2020-2021 school year, there is another immunization that all 12th graders must have. Please use the link below for more details, as we have over 200 seniors who still need their immunizations. 

Senior Immunization Flyer

It is important for families to complete the requirement before school starts, as any 12th graders who do not have the documented immunization will be unable to attend.  All updated immunization records can be scanned/photographed and emailed to, mailed into the school, or turned in to our Student Services Office on Thursdays from 9-12. 


If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Berry at


That concludes my updates and reminders for this week. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Lacey Peckham