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Eastern Regional Football Finals @ MCHS

Advance Ticket Sales @ MCHS: Tickets may be purchased in advance for $7 on Wednesday, December 7 during all three lunches and after school from 4:30PM to 7:00PM in the main office lobby. (Tickets are $8 at the gate.) Ticket prices are determined by the NCHSAA and not the school!

Directions for fans:
Turn off of Ten Ten Road and onto West Lake Rd. Travel 1.2 miles
Turn right onto Middle Creek Park Ave. Travel .1 miles.
Take the first left into the main entrance of Middle Creek High School. Travel 250 feet.
Take the first right and park in the main parking lot of Middle Creek High School.
There is no parking for the general public in the Town of Cary Community Center Parking lot at the back of the stadium!

Walk to the stadium: Walk towards the school but go around the left side of the building. The stadium is on the opposite side of the school from the main parking lot. It is approximately a 5-7 minute walk at a standard pace from the parking lot to the stadium. There is no general admission at the back gate!

Varsity Game Time: 7:30pm

Gates open: Gates for Home Varsity football playoff games at MCHS open at 6:00pm.

Admission at the Gate: $8 Cash only. Checks, debit cards, and credit cards are NOT accepted.

Passes accepted: The only passes accepted for playoffs are NCHSAA approved passes.

Field Access: Only verified game day personnel, coaching staff, and certified media members are allowed inside the gates at the track and field level. All fans are expected to stay off the field and track at all times before and during games. Fans should not be on the field at any time before, during, or after games.