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East Garner Middle School 2018-2019 Calendar

EGMMS is a Restart School...What does that mean?

The restart concept is centered around applying the same flexibility that charter schools have to set their school calendars, bell schedules and allocate resources. Charters are taxpayer-funded public schools that are meant to be laboratories for innovation.

East Garner Middle, along with Carroll and East Millbrook Middle, took advantage of the calendar flexibility to create additional professional development time for our teachers. We have taken the six scheduled Early Release days and made them into full workdays. There is no school for students on the following days:

  • September 28
  • October 19
  • October 31
  • November 20
  • December 21
  • February 15
  • March 8

November 20 and December 21 are early release days to make up for time missed during Hurricane Florence.

Complete calendar here: 2018-2019 Calendar


 2018-2019 Calendar